3 basic commands to teach your dog

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Even if you are not a trainer, there are actions you can train your dog to do. Here are 3 simple commands to teach him that will surely be very useful to you.

Having a dog fills every day with joy, but once in a while, it really feels like it impossible to be heard.
And when you see other people’s dogs quietly obey the first call, you must have wondered where are you wrong! In reality teaching a dog basic commands is not impossible, indeed it is within everyone’s reach: all you need is a little patience and above all perseverance. You will need to commit to repeat the exercises every dayif only for a few minutes, so that the dog can internalize them little by little and reinforce them day after day.
It’s not just a hobby: having a dog by your side who answers you when you call, in certain situations can be really useful.

So here’s how to teach your dog simple basic commands.

How to teach your dog to sit

One of the first orders and probably the easiest way to teach the dog is the one who makes him sit down.

  1. While the dog is standing, place a biscuit in front of its nose.
  2. Move the biscuit upwards and say “Sit”, so that the dog follows the movement of the biscuit upwards and sits.
  3. Once the dog is seated, give him the treat and praise him.
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When the dog responds to the command with the cookie in a natural way, you can try doing just the gesture and the voice command.

Teach the dog to sit

It is one of the most important orders teach the dog because in certain situations it could really save his life: think if you were to flee the leash in the city center as it would be useful to order him to stand still where he is.

  1. When your dog is sitting or lying down, stand in front of him, arm outstretched, palm facing him.
  2. Now say “Stop” or “Stay” depending on the command you want to teach it.
  3. If he stays still, praise him and give him a biscuit: the dog will understand that if he stays still, he will receive a reward.
  4. The next step is to walk a few steps away, still holding your hand with your palm facing the dog, until it disappears from the dog’s sight and repeat the command when he can’t see you.

The important thing is to reward the dog by returning to him and only if it hasn’t moved at all.

Train the dog to come to you

It is equally important to have the possibility of bringing the dog to you whenever you need it: this can indeed guarantee the safety of the dog and keep him away from dangerous situations.

  1. When the dog is sitting, gently pull him towards you and say “Come” to associate the voice command with coming towards you.
  2. Take a few steps, still while the dog is sitting or lying down, and repeat the command. The first few times, hold a biscuit in your hand to entice the dog to join you and reward him when he comes to you.
  3. The distance increases more and more, even from one room to another.
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To teach him this order, always keep a cheerful and enthusiastic tone, without scolding him if he does not come right away.

Teach Your Dog Commands with Positive Reinforcement

the positive reinforcement it’s a lot useful in dog training because it allows the animal to associate an action with a reward. By rewarding the dog each time he performs a behavior that we want to teach him, he will remember that he has been rewarded and will tend to repeat this behavior.

We can use any tool to practice positive reinforcement: hugs, caresses and words of love are always welcome for our four-legged friends, but there’s one thing that works even better…cookies!
Dogs are very greedy animals, so the most appreciated reward is certainly cookies and snacks: if you want to teach your dog the basic commands, you must always have a good reserve at home!

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