Aesthetic medicine treatments in the summer and after the holidays

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Are you curious to know what are the perfect aesthetic medicine treatments to do in summer and when you return from vacation? Aureal, Italian Medical Beauty Center, suggests four non-invasive treatments to take care of skin attacked by the sun and intervene on the signs of aging!


Summer is the ideal time to focus on non-invasive aesthetic treatments, the most suitable for taking care of skins subject to different stresses but without adding new ones. Sunspotsto dry, wrinkles And imperfections are the problems on which you can intervene, but it is also possible to act preventively against the damage caused by the sun to the skin. Doctor Carmen DeLucadoctor and plastic surgeon, health director of Aureal, offers four therapeutic approaches with a strong regenerating effect, ideal after sun exposure of the vacation period. Let’s find out together what are the best aesthetic medicine treatments for the summer to try!

Doctor Carmen DeLuca


Between less invasive treatments there are those of bio-revitalization, which are carried out with injections of hyaluronic acid, polynucleotides, collagenic amino acids And vitamins. They are perfect for the summer period and the return from vacation because they do not require recovery periods and the improvements on the skin are immediately visible. Their action is to provide a nutritional boost that helps the skin cope with external environmental stress with more energy. But remember not to expose ourselves to the sun after the treatment for at least 48 hours. Cutaneous bio-revitalization restores firmness and firmness to the skin, fighting against dehydration of the most superficial layers. The skin of the face thus appears more toned, luminous and with a healthy complexion. And if you’re interested in other minimally invasive treatments, ask about microneedling.


Another useful tip is to apply botox in early summer, with one session, to fill in small wrinkles and prevent them from becoming more pronounced due to sun exposure or forming new ones. If, on the other hand, we choose these aesthetic medicine treatments at the end of the summer, they will in any case be effective against the signs caused by external environmental aggressions. We are clearly talking about botulinum toxin injections which limit the muscle contractions that we do unconsciously, for example when we smile or when we frown. Botox is for example very effective in preventing and combating glabellar wrinkles, that is to say these small furrows which form at the root of the nose, between the eyebrow arches. If you’re curious about other new and in-demand ecstatic medicine treatments, we invite you to read the in-depth study on trends in aesthetic medicine.


Taking care of your skin with adapted beauty rituals is even more important in the summer when the attacks to which it is subjected are greater. It is therefore essential to remember apply sunscreen, even if you are not exposed to direct sunlight! In addition, hydration at the end of the day is essential. In combination with aesthetic medicine treatments, the use of gold based masks, which act on wrinkles, blackheads and acne, moisturize and nourish the skin, and are also valuable anti-aging allies. An example is the Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Pure Luxury Lift & Firm, a true anti-aging treatment with 24k gold and colloidal gold that also improves skin radiance. It is for sale on this page.


Finally Auréal offers one deep cleaning to revitalize the skin and thus obtain atan that lasts longer. In particular, we offer the HydraFacial treatment which cleanses, exfoliates and regenerates thanks to a hydrodermabrasion system. What this means? It’s about moisturize the skin through devices designed to penetrate at surface level. Small jets of water are then used to stimulate the skin and renew it without affecting its balance. The treatment indicated even with acne, provides a spiral mechanism that creates a vortex effect. The effects? Impurities are eliminated and nourishing active ingredients are introduced into the skin, which give it great luminosity, from the first session. We can expose ourselves to the sun a day later, when the very slight redness has disappeared. However, you must wear sunscreen.


We remind you that Aureal is an innovative format that focuses on non-invasive aesthetic medicine and presents it as an accessible and safe luxury. The brand invests in technological innovation and is the first glamorous experience medical beauty center in Italy. It was founded by Francesco Caliendo and Daniele Volpe. The first Aurea facility is located in Nola, but the business expansion plan soon foresees the opening of three other clinics in different cities, including Milan, Turin and Rome.

What do you think of the aesthetic medicine treatments for the summer offered by Aureal? Are you going to try some? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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