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What’s new in fashion this summer? Vivid and bright colors are ubiquitous in the coolest makeup trends of summer 2022. But there are so many new trends! Let’s discover all the new summer makeup trends with images to inspire.


Thanks to summer, the desire for color and luminosity is exploding in make-up! This is the red thread of makeup trends for summer 2022. The face, eyes and lips are the canvas on which to create looks based on luminous and multifaceted shades, inspired by the world of nature more lush. Among the most popular colors, the greenavailable in several finishes including metallic.

To reveal all the makeup trends for summer 2022, we’ve curated images, products and collections of great inspiration. Let’s see them all!

Trendy colorful eyeliner makeup
Colored eyeliner makeup trend – photo: @stilacosmetics
Makeup trends summer 2022
Green eyeshadow makeup trends summer 2022 – photo: @kikomilano
Makeup trends summer 2022
Makeup trends summer 2022 pastel eyeshadow – photo: @natashadenona


Maximum creativity with the summer 2022 eye makeup trend inspired by butterflies. This look is becoming popular on social media, from Instagram to Facebook to Tik Tok! Those who like the most minimal makeup can experiment with a classic eyeliner or reverse in bright blue or green. The most fanciful personalities can indulge in more complex designs, which reproduce them wings of these magnificent insects. The perfect colors? White, black, but also pink, yellow and orange.

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Butterfly effect eyeliner
Butterfly effect eyeliner – photo: @kvdbeauty
Butterfly effect graphic eyeliner
Butterfly effect graphic eyeliner – photo: @@


The brightness of the metals is the master of makeup trends for summer 2022! super shiny eye shadows, rich texture and with a finish inspired by metal sheet, for tricks suitable for evening outings and beach parties. Not only bronze, gold and copper: the metallic finish also gives its best on pink, green and blue-blue shades, to enhance all skin tones and summer tans! From Nabla to Natasha Denona, there are many brands that offer it!

Metallic finish eyeshadow
Metallic finish eyeshadows – photo: @mariacatale @nablacosmetics
Metal finish eyeshadow
Metal finish eyeshadows – photo: @natashadenona


All you need is…to blush! Not just pink as 2022 makeup trends and the makeup revival of the 2000s are. Blush is the must have of the summer season and thanks to its Versatility we will both use it to give each other a radiant effect looking goodbut also to create a modeling softer and more natural. Whether in stick or cream, blush is also an excellent substitute for lipstick. Seeing is believing!

Summer 2022 face blush
Benefit of blush
Blush makeup trend
Blush trend for face, eyes and lips – photo: @miukmiuk, @maccosmetics


Green, light blue, pink, yellow, orange: i pastel colors to create eye makeup in line with the makeup trends of summer 2022! The pastel color trend is ideal for both light and dark skin: it combines a desire for color and delicacy and it’s perfect for creating highly creative looks, like those offered for the launch of the Natasha Denona Pastel Palette.

Pastel eye makeup
Pastel eye makeup – photo: @ lymo.del @colourpopcosmetics
Pastel eye makeup summer 2022
Pastel eye makeup summer 2022 – photo: @norvinacosmetics


Lip makeup 2022 is comfortable and sensory. But not only ! The trendiest lip balms of the season combine softness and treatment formulas with intense and vibrant colors, such as fuchsiaorange and red coral Where alto! For flawless summer 2022 lip makeup in minutes and a soft, smooth mouth, as promised by Guerlain Kiss Kiss Bee Glow lip balms.

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Makeup trend colored lip balms
Swatches Givenchy colored lip balms – photo: @bitekicom
Colored lip balm
Tarte colored lip balm – photo: @tartecosmetics


“He who dresses in green, with his beauty trust ” is a saying that also applies to makeup! Nature’s color par excellence depopulates with its wide range range of shades. Pistachio, lime, emerald, petrol, but also grass, olive green and khaki are just some of the existing variations, as shown by the Melt Cosmetics Gemini palette. Fabulous for tricks ton on ton on green eyes, beautifully highlights dark eyes. We really find green in all the major summer makeup collections.

Green Eyeshadow Makeup Trend
Green eyeshadow makeup trend – photo: @pupamilanoitaly
Green eyeshadow
Green eyeshadow on light eyes – photo: @avoevodina,


Monochrome makeup reappears and asserts itself as one of the summer 2022 makeup trends to watch! Available in a myriad of variations, go naked brown or pink based, it can be brightened up by choosing eyeshadows, lipsticks or glosses juicier and more vitaminized colors like coral, strawberry pink or orange. The extra touch? Also add the blush of the same color!

Monochrome makeup trend summer 2022
Monochrome make-up trend summer 2022 – photo: @charlottetilbury
Monochrome makeup
Monochrome makeup – photo: @lipsticknick @morphebrushes


VIP colored eyeliner dictates the law! The black deviates and, during the warmer months, gives way to a kaleidoscope of colors, both delicate and super fluorescent and very lively! There is no limit to experimentation between graphics, two-tone eyeliner and classic cat eyes in unusual shades. Some examples? Baby pink, ruby ​​red and neon yellow, in matte version, but also in vinyl and glitter!

Eye makeup with colored eyeliner
Eye makeup colored eyeliner – photo: @stilacosmetics
Colored eyeliner for eye makeup
Colored eyeliner eye makeup with Haus Labs eyeliner

We hope to have given you many look ideas by revealing all the makeup trends for summer 2022!

What do you think of these summer 2022 makeup trends? Which of these trends would you like to experiment with or are they part of your regular makeup? Let us know your thoughts and habits in the comments!

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