Beauty Bay summer 2022: Technidaze makeup collection

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Tribute to the works of Pollock, street art inspiration, ode to the 90s or 2000s? The Beauty Bay Summer 2022 Technidaze makeup collection is all of this and more!


The more they are lit, the more beautiful they are! The colors of the Beauty Bay Summer 2022 makeup collection know no half measures or transitions! The Technidaze makeup collection includes 4 eye and lip products and a brush set eyes to always carry with us. As if we were real artists! Inspiration draws from the world of street art, with the aesthetics of the 90s and 2000s. For lovers of the most cultivated references, to the art of Jackson Pollock, master of the technique of dripping and action painting!

Beauty Berry summer 2022
Beauty Bay Summer 2022 Technidaze Collection – photo: @beautybaycom

All vegan and cruelty free, Technidaze products are the synthesis of some of the most interesting 2022 beauty trends. They have only one goal: to give us the opportunity to best express our idea of ​​creativity and freedom in makeup. Let’s discover all Beauty Bay Summer 2022 makeup products!

Makeup Beauty Bay summer 2022
Beauty Bay Summer 2022 Products from the Technidaze collection – photo: @beautybaycom

Beauty Bay makeup collection summer 2022


The Technidaze Eye Palette is designed to give us free access to the hottest summer music festivals, a color version of the KIKO Summer 2022 Festival Glow collection. It is equipped with 8 multi-finish color pods and a mirror to help us put on makeup. It promises very high pigmentation on all skin tones, thanks to pasty texture pods, long life and high mixing capacity. Do you like 2000s makeup? This palette will help you create one to envy! Here are the colors in detail, but be careful not to end up in a loop psychedelic read their names!

  • Dizzyshocking pink carpet;
  • Ravegreen grass carpet;
  • Acidmatte mint green;
  • 1991light blue periwinkle rug;
  • Haciendabright yellow carpet;
  • Spectrumshimmering teal;
  • Sunriseshimmering dusty pink;
  • Kaleidoscopelavender shimmer.
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Beauty Bay Eyeshadow Palette

Beauty Bay Eyeshadow Samples


Beauty Bay Summer 2022 eye makeup favorite graphics tips And face painting, in rainbow makeup style. The Technidaze compact eyeliner palette is almost a reference for true painters. To use eyeliners, you need to activate them with water and then apply them to the eyes and face. Alone or over eyeshadow. Aquaveted Liner Palette is equipped with 5 color pods with ultra-pigmented neon tones. Strictly matte and with a summer night proof seal! Here they are in detail:

  • InfatuationYellow;
  • Utopiaspring green, light green;
  • To beatshocking pink;
  • Ibizaorange;
  • Housepurple wisteria.

Beauty Bay Eyeliner Palette

Beauty Bay Compact Eyeliner

Eyeliner Swatches Beauty Bay


Beauty Bay Summer 2022 lip makeup is multitasking. Thanks to the 3 scented and treating lip oils, it is part of the 2022 makeup trends. In addition to giving a high gloss finish on the lips, they have formulas enriched with jojoba, macadamia nut, wildflower seed and vitamin E oils. They promise long-lasting wear and a non-sticky finish. They are available in 3 colors with very light coverage and enriched with fruity notes:

  • Strawberrystrawberry red, strawberry fragrance;
  • Cherrycherry red, with cherry aroma;
  • Vanilla & Coconuttransparent, with hints of coconut and vanilla.

Beauty Bay Summer 2022 Lip Oils


The most important make-up tools in the world of beauty complete the Beauty Bay make up summer 2022 collection: make-up brushes. After having proposed eye references to apply with an expert hand, Beauty Bay also provides us with a set of brushes to achieve them. With a mini green paint kit to take them wherever you want! here are the 8 synthetic hair brushes ultra soft :

  • 4 spots medium and large size;
  • 4 precision brushes ultra small;
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Beauty Bay Eye Makeup Brushes


The products from the Beauty Bay make up summer 2022 collection are on sale on this page of the brand’s website. Taxes and customs fees are already calculated in the final amount and the shipping costs amount to 4.95 euros.

Do you love Beauty Bay Summer 2022 eye makeup inspiration? Are you going to try any particular products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Abandon colors? Impossible for Beauty Bay!

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