Beauty products of the month recommended by the Beautydea team

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The Beautydea team tests many beauty products. We buy several for test the news and choose the ones to present on our portal. We also receive products from cosmetic companies, to make Comments and Instagram stories. We test all cosmetic or skin and hair care products: lipsticks, mascara, palettes, primers, face serums, creams, shampoos and hair treatments. Some appeal to us, others convince us less. These are novelties that have just come out on the market, best-sellers from the most well-known brands and some niche products. In this article, we present live photos to them, showing our own review after the testtips for use and useful tips.


The beauty products of the month from the Beautydea team put the lips at the center of makeup with new makeup products! In view of the summer, we tried two references to emphasize the color, but also the volume. We then also tested a few skincare products: a successful moisturizing face cream with lots of notes and an eye contour that we were satisfied with, but not 100%. Finally a hair product that has convinced us. here are the 5 beauty products of the month recommended by the Beautydea team!

The beauty products of the month from the Beautydea team


Masks don’t help those who, like me, love lipstick madly. The ones with a long-lasting formula manage to hold up, but they tend to dry out my lips; creamy and hydrating ones, on the other hand, drool mercilessly. The only products to emerge from this limbo are colored lip balms. In line with 2022 makeup trends, after Lippino Victorian Neve Cosmetics I fell in love with Lip Balm Candy Haze by Makeup Revolution. The 2 shades I tried are fire orange And Allure Deep Pink. The first is a delicate orange that warms the complexion, perfect for summer. The second is a gorgeous orchid pink that highlights natural color lips, beautiful to show off in the spring. They both have delicate but buildable pigmentation: they leave a color veil really irresistible. Also, the wording enriched with ceramides deeply hydrates, creating a protective barrier. A perfect example of comfortable lip makeup (price €7.95 – buy here).

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Makeup Revolution Candy Haze Lip Balm

Candy Haze Makeup Revolution Lip Balm

Makeup Revolution Lip Balm

Makeup Revolution Lip Balm Swatches


In constant search for a new eye contour that could reduce the hyperpigmentation in my periocular area, I tried the Balance Me eye serum with vitamin C. The product is formulated with a mixture of elderflower , green caffeine and hyaluronic acid, to plump, hydrate and smooth the eye contour. Added to this is the promise of reducing dark circles, restoring a fresher and rested look. the My opinion? After frequent use of the Balance Me eye contour serum in the morning and evening, I have noticed that the eye contour seems really more relaxed and hydrated: the gel texture of the product penetrates very gently into the skin. However, I did not notice any improvement for dark circles, although there is no definitive cure for this problem. So I don’t recommend this product to those like me who need to depuff and lighten dark spots around the eyes. I want to promote it brilliantly, however, as moisturizing and delicate productideal as a base for the eyes before make-up (size 15 ml price €31.95 – buy here).

Balance Me Eyeliner

Balance Me Eye Cream

Balance Me eye contour texture


I love lip glosses as much as lipsticks. I can say that I’m lucky because by nature I don’t have thin lips, but I like to highlight them and make them appear more voluminous and full. Sephora Collection Lip Plumper plumps lips visibly more complete, without making them look fake or, even worse, irritated and red. And besides, it was immediately promoted among the beauty products of the month recommended by the Beautydea team! In the formula we find hyaluronic acid and castor oil to hydrate the lips (which in fact are really soft and smooth), while the plumping effect is given by thechilli extract. Sure, once applied to the lips it tingles, but in my opinion it’s a mild and bearable nuisance. It is understood that the product has an effect because the lips are warmer, but this is only a temporary feeling. I use the Fever transparent shade, whose versatility I really appreciate. How to make up your lips with a volumizing product? I use it as a simple gloss when I need a very quick make-up, I rather use it as a top coat on lipstick when I want to boost the effect. In this case, I prefer to apply it with a lip brush to avoid dirtying the applicator (price 13.99 – buy here).

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Sephora Gloss Collection

Sephora Collection volume lip gloss

Sephora Collection volume lip gloss

Sephora Collection volumizing gloss effect


How many face creams can you try in a lifetime? I lost count. Periodically, my skin feels the need for a new face cream. When the temperatures are rising I’m struggling to find a texture that convinces me: not too rich, creamy just enough, which penetrates quickly and leaves the face fresh and luminous. Am I asking too much? I thought so, until I tried Laneige Water Bank Blue Hyaluronic Face Cream. The formula of the latest version of the k-beauty brand is enriched with hyaluronic acid. With constant use, it plumps up the face and refines skin texture, leaving it even and super luminous. In addition, it has a deep moisturizing action, which leaves the face fresh and silky throughout the day. The apparently rich and full-bodied texture turns out to be light and easy absorptionperfect to use before make-up or in the evening as a night care (price €37.29 – buy here).

Laneige face cream

Laneige moisturizing face cream

Laneige face cream

Laneige cream texture


To be included among the Beautydea team’s favorite products of the month, there is also a product that is more useful than tempting. After several attempts with bestsellers or new shampoos, I tried Vichy Dercos Anti-Dandruff for dry hair. Its promise was to act from the first application, eliminating itching and preventing flaking of the scalp. Promise fully serviced! The formula based on selenium disulphide acts by rebalancing the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin. The addition of menthol purifies and gives a very pleasant effect feeling of freshness. The texture is rich and creates a soft and enveloping foam, while the color of the shampoo is a particular orange-yellow! Despite its effectiveness, here are some caveats. When using for the first time, let it act for a few minutes. Remember to remove all silver jewelry before use. Rinse out the shampoo thoroughly, as it tends to make the hair greasy (price 13.50 – buy here).

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Vichy anti-dandruff shampoo

Gingham Shampoo

Vichy anti-dandruff shampoo


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