Best cheap mascaras 2022: tops to try

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What are the best cheap mascaras 2022? If you don’t want to empty your wallet for one of the best mascaras, there are several mascaras cheap but with good performance, which allow you to display a star look. To find the one that best suits us and our needs, we just have to choose from the brands that offer excellent products at a competitive price, from the beloved bestsellers and must-have novelties. Here is our guide to the best low cost mascara 2022, with all the information on the brush, the characteristics and the result that can be obtained!


Lash Princess is undoubtedly the most loved, as well as the best Essence mascara with a volumizing effect! We are also his passionate fans! Why do we love it so much? Because it has an enveloping, elastic and creamy texture rich in raincoats, which however does not weigh on the eyelashes. In addition, its sinuous brush is designed to follow thenatural lash path and emphasize its curvature. It is made of fibers, in order to visually increase the volume and thickness of the eyelashes, for a simply fabulous fan effect! This mascara is so loved and sold that it has earned a spot as the star of the Disney Princess & Villains Catrice & Essence collection because it really works on all types of eyelashes (price €4.50 – buy here).

Essence Lash Princess Mascara – photo: @essencecosmetics


How did the new Catrice Lift Up mascara seduce us? With a volumizing effect and bring up lashes worthy of the most famous mascaras! Thanks to the formula enriched with rice protein And panthenol, making this volumizing and lifting mascara also suitable for delicate eyes. The silicone brush is supplied with very dense teeth which allow the product to be evenly distributed, minimizing the formation of lumps and product accumulations. Volume, curvature and definition: the mascara to have if the eyelashes are sloping And not very thick (price €5.99 – buy here).


Among the best inexpensive waterproof mascaras we also choose L’Oréal Air Volume Mega. We appreciate it a lot for its ultra-light texture in mossmaking it the perfect mascara for anyone who has droopy eyelashes and difficult to lift, using it in combination with the eyelash curler! It has a dense and soft brush, which combines the curling and lifting effect with body and volume, for full lashes and a wider, more open look. very black, resists water, perspiration and humidity. In our opinion, it’s the must-have mascara in our holiday beauty kit (price €12.45 – buy here).


Did you know that the best selling mascara on Amazon is Sensational Lashes? We will tell you why! Because it has a silicone brush made up of 6 different hair types, specially designed to evenly distribute product, while volumizing and curling lashes. All, therefore, without smudges or lumps! It has a formula enriched with rosehip oil with a fortifying effect and its texture is full-bodied and enveloping, while remaining light. A real marvel! Another reason why Maybelline Sensational Lashes is loved is because of its own additional black pigments, which give a full and deep color to the eye. For us, it’s definitely the best curling mascara on the market, at a low price (price €9.99 – buy here).


Blacker, fuller and thicker lashes than ever before with Astra Make-up’s Subliminal X-Volume 2.0 mascara, the best on the market for short eyelashes, is shaving and what they want be even darker. The highlight of the Astra Make-up mascara is the conical brush and fluffy, capable of capturing even the shortest lashes from the inner corner of the eye, making them visibly fuller. The formula is enriched with glycerin, tocopherol and castor oil with a fortifying effect, while red clover sprouts and mung bean extract promise a redensifying and growth stimulator. The extra black pigments give a super sexy look and an irresistible vinyl finish to the lashes (price €6.50 – buy here).


Very black and with an elastic texture, KIKO Maxi Mod mascara is one of the brand’s most popular. After trying it, we understand why! The secret is hers mini elastomer brush, which defines the eyelashes like a comb avoiding the formation of lumps and distributing the product evenly. For those who like perfectly defined and groomed lashes and who have them by nature long but not particularly thick, is the most ever without mascara! But KIKO Maxi Mod also has an absolutely convincing volumizing effect. By applying the mascara with zigzag movements starting from the root and lifting the hairs upwards, you will immediately notice the difference! The formula is enriched with castor oil with a nourishing effect, another reason why we really like this mascara (price 10.99€ – buy here).


Lash Infinity by Mesauda has nothing to envy to the best high-end mascaras! With its formula enriched with jojoba extracts with moisturizing action, tocopherol and acids derived from olive oil, it helps lashes stay strong and healthy. It is super black and has a fabulous multiplier effect on the eyelashes, for a panoramic and resolutely seductive look. In our opinion, it works very well on all types of lashes, including those more shiny who want to give themselves a uniform and deep color. The silicone micro-bristled brush combs, curves and adds volume and we, who love multi-effect mascaras, really appreciate it! Without silicones or parabens, it is one of the best inexpensive mascaras for delicate eyes (price €10.35 – buy here).


The ally for eyelashes that are not only fuller, but also deeply nourished, is Wonder’Luxe Volume, one of Rimmel’s most popular mascaras! We recommend it to those who have slightly stressed and weak eyelashesbecause it has a great formula enriched with 4 nourishing oils such as argan, camellia, passion fruit and marula, which make them more elastic, solid and resistant to the most demanding make-up sessions. The elastomer brush helps comb the lashes and distribute the product evenly, avoiding buildup and clumping, so you can show off a doe look with super black, stunning lashes (price €6.90 – buy here).

We hope to have inspired you with our list of the best inexpensive mascaras on the market, chosen for all needs, with reviews and photos of the test.

What are your favorite inexpensive mascaras? What effect do you like for your eyes? Tell us everything and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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