Best volumizing mascaras 2022: tops to try

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What are the best volumizing mascaras? Full, full-bodied, thick lashes are everyone’s dream, but finding the right one for all of us isn’t easy, even among the best mascaras! To find the best fit Our needs, it is important to choose between brands that offer excellent products designed to look like a star. Here’s our guide to the best volumizing mascaras 2022, featuring the best-selling products and new 2022 must-haves for voluminous lashes. With all the information about the brush, the characteristics and the result obtained!


Consider Pupa Vamp mascara! the best volumizing mascara 2022 is not just us. Indeed, since its debut on the market in 2012, Pupa Vamp mascara! continue to be best seller in perfumeries. Why do we all love him so much? Because he found the winning combination: a sinuous and soft brush, able to coat the eyelashes by making them optically fuller and thicker, and a creamy, enveloping and very black formula based on waxes and polymers. We particularly recommend it to those who have sparse and thin eyelashes, but we know everyone really loves it! Available in 6 variants Including 5 very colorful, for us it is still the volumizing mascara to beat (price 17.50€ – buy here).

Pupa Vamp Mascara

Pupa Vamp mascara


The absolute novelty of 2022 is the Lancôme Le 8 Hypnôse mascara, the latest from home adored for its mythical mascara! He conquered us with his formula hybrid halfway between a mascara and an eyelash serum, designed to have a fortifying and anti-hair loss effect. Enriched with eco-sustainable shea butter, nourishing conditioner and 8 amino acids with an emollient and protective effect, Le 8 Hypnôse by Lancôme is in our opinion the best high-end volumizing mascara 2022. We recommend it to those who have sparse and weak lashes, but it is certainly one of the best mascara 2022 to try, for all those who love eye makeup (price 42 € – buy here).

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Lancome volumizing mascara

Lancome volumizing mascara
Zendaya x Lancome


If you’re looking for the best volumizing and lengthening mascara, you absolutely have to try Tarte’s Maneater! Very light and with a pleasantly fluid texture, it manages to wrap the lashes one by one, without weighing them down. Its strong point is a silicone brush with wells 500 bristles which acts as a comb: opens the eyes with perfectly defined and groomed lashes for a real panoramic effect! Enriched with tocopherol, glycerin and jojoba esters with moisturizing and protective effect, it is not only one of the best volumizing and lengthening mascaras for thin and short eyelashesbut it is also suitable for sensitive eyes and delicate (price €27.90 – buy here).

Tarte Maneater Volumizing Mascara

Volumizing mascara tart


Among the new mascaras to try there is undoubtedly the MAC Stack mascara, the latest effort from the Canadian brand! What made us capitulate was its brush, available in two sizes: pink and maxi, to lift, volumize and curl upper lashes; white and mini to capture and define the lower ones. For us it is a virtue that makes it the best volumizing mascara 2022 for all eyelashes, eliminating the risk of stains and panda eyes! The consistency is very light and stratifiable, a fundamental characteristic for a curling effect mascara. Moreover, it is very durable. Available in black, MAC Stack can also be purchased in travel size, with a maxi brush. So we will always have perfect eyelashes, even on vacation (price from 20 € – buy here).

MAC volumizing mascara

MAC Curling Volumizing Mascara
MAC Stack Mascara Upper Lashes – photo: @@saraholbymakeup


Since its debut, the new Nabla Vicious mascara has established itself as a true cult object, conquering many fans. Including us! What first seduced us was its formula rich in conditioning agents such as rice bran and panthenol, making it a suitable mascara even for the most delicate eyes. But the real added value of Nabla Vicious is its creamy and enveloping texture, which makes lashes visibly fuller, fuller and extraordinarily defined! This thanks to a brush made up of micro-combs with claws that capture and comb all the eyelashes, including the shortest. How can you not love a mascara that combines extreme black, extra volume and definition? We recommend it to those who have sparse and thin eyelashesto see each other with a look of fatal Woman (price €23.90 – buy here).

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Nabla mascara

Nabla volumizing mascara


Dior’s Iconic Overcurl mascara hit us straight in the heart, so much so that it’s considered the best waterproof volumizing mascara of the year! In writing, we really like the brand’s mascara and this Dior mascara did not disappoint us. It is a versatile product that gives the best of itself all types of eyelashes and resists both plunging and crying in front of friends getting married. It has a curved brush that helps lift the eyelashes by pushing them upwards and optically increasing their curvature, for a sensual effect bring up and a broader and more open gaze. We love it because it’s been reformulated to nourish lashes with cotton nectar, which makes them more elastic and solid, but above all even more shiny and black. In our opinion it is one of the best products on the market (price 37.90€ – buy here).

Dior mascara

Dior waterproof mascara


Among the best waterproof mascaras, Sephora Collection Size Up is also one of our favorite volumizing mascaras! The reasons why we love it are really many. It is vegan and cruelty-free and enriched with rice wax, suitable for even the most delicate eyes, but above all, it gives a extraordinary volume to the eyelashes, thanks to the XXL brush and super fluffy. The texture is creamy, rich and enveloping, ideal for making eyelashes fuller. Finally it is stratifiableto go from a softer look to a plus in an instant drama and sexy. Very black, we recommend it to anyone who wants to see themselves with a sensual gaze at all times, spending a small amount. Also available in travel size (price from €5.99 – buy here).

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Sephora Volume Mascara

Sephora Size Up Volume Mascara


Essence’s best volumizing mascara, the legendary Lash Princess in the green False Lashes Effect dress, is also the best mascara false eyelash effect on the market! The sweet conical brush it is perfect for capturing all lashes, including the shortest ones in the inner corner of the eye, which are always difficult to reach. Fiber bristles give lashes length and definition, as well as visibly more volume. The result is a more seductive look, with very black lashes and really thickened, no lumps or stains. We’ve loved it for many years and continue to recommend it to those who have already long eyelashes but he wants to highlight them with a panning and fanning effect. For us it’s the best cheap volumizing mascara (price 4.20€ – buy here)

essence mascara

Green Essence Lash Princess Mascara


Volume and definition: who doesn’t dream of lashes like this? In our opinion, the mascara not to be missed if you like this result is KIKO Standout, designed to give lashes exceptional volume at panoramic effect, without giving up order and definition. We really like its texture, enveloping and creamy but not heavy. But also its formula, enriched with jojoba oil and monoi, emollients and moisturizers. The brush is equipped with fiber bristles that effectively volumize lashes, prevent clumping and won’t smudge the eye area, making this mascara perfect even for those who have to make up small eyes or who don’t have the steady hand! For us, it’s the best KIKO volumizing mascara and the best budget mascara 2022 with Essence and Sephora Collection (price €9.99 – buy here).

KIKO mascara

KIKO volumizing mascara

We hope to have inspired you with our list of the best volumizing mascaras on the market, chosen for all needs, with reviews and photos of the test.

What are your favorite volumizing mascaras? Do you have your own ranking? Tell us your preferences and let us know your opinions in the comments!

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