Best women’s watches 2022: ranking and buying guide

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The watch is one of those accessories which, however dated, continue to be essential. These days they have many different variations and styles, from the most analog classicsto more futuristic models with additional features.

The fact is that it is not just about marking the exact time, the function of which is also performed by smartphones, but about complementing the style of our outfit. For this reason, many of us have different models to show off on many occasions.

Here is a guide on best watches for women.

How to choose the best women’s watch

Whether for yourself or for a loved one, the choice of a watch should never be left to chance: as already mentioned, there are many versions also very different from each other, some with a more eye-catching style, others more classic. Finding one that reflects the personality of the recipient is not always easy and there are different aspects to consider.

Analog or digital?

The first question that certainly arises is that of the choice of operationvisible through the dial, one of the most notable parts of the accessory.

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For many years we have been accustomed to classic analog, with the typical hands to mark the time; in some cases there is also other information regarding the date, but always indicated with the same system. For decades now, the digital model, which is gradually becoming more and more sophisticated, even creating a new line called smartwatch. If until a few years ago diversity was given by signaling the time with numbers on the screen, to date many other functions have been added, accessible at the touch of a finger.

There is no better model for women than another because it all depends on your personal taste.


Another aspect to look at is the style of the watch, which relates to the dial structure and the webbing. Also in this case there is the always appreciated classic version, in leather or steel, also ideal for formal occasions, as it goes well with elegant dresses.

Raising the bar of luxury, there are designs considered one-of-a-kind as they are studded with precious stones and elaborate designs. It is clear that these are very expensive products that for their beauty even replace women’s bracelets, thanks to the finely worked bracelets with precious inserts. There are also real collection lines, with limited edition watches and therefore considered luxury.

But if all this does not matter to you because you are looking for a sportier alternative, there is silicone straps, certainly more practical and often sold in various rather bright colors, possibly to alternate between them. The good thing about it is that they show up more resistant and therefore they are also used for sports. It is usually smartwatches that feature this design. remember that many models have an interchangeable strapso you can choose the right style for every occasion.

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Let us now enter the heart of watches, where there are sophisticated mechanisms that allow it to operate. An aspect that is often underestimated, but in reality it is also fundamental in determining the final cost.
You should know that in general there are three types of mechanisms which determine the movement or operation of this accessory and are:

  • Quartz mechanism – Surely the most widespread of all, thus defined because a crystal of this mineral serves as an oscillator. Contrary to what one might think, it is very present in numerical models.
  • Automatic mechanism – It works thanks to the movements of the carrier, which in turn drives a rotor which will swing on a pin. Being a sophisticated system, the watches thus composed sell for exorbitant prices.
  • Traditional mechanism – Although it is the oldest, it is now reserved for the most luxurious ranges, in particular because it requires special care. To work, it uses the energy provided by a spring which drives a series of small neatly arranged gears.

What watch to buy for women

If you are thinking of giving a gift to someone special or just making a purchase for yourself, we show you below the best watches for womenwith different styles to choose from, to find the one that best suits your tastes.

Fossil Women’s Analog Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap

Michael Kors Blair women’s watch

Casio Coolection LA680WEA Digital Watch

Daniel Wellington Petite Melrose women’s watch

Fossil Carlie women’s watch

Skagen Freja Lille for women

Zwini women’s watch

Swarovski Crystalline Glam Collection

Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Analog Quartz Watch

Armani Exchange Women’s Three-Hand Watch

Festina Women’s Analog Quartz Watch with Leather Strap

Invicta Angel women’s watch

Tips for getting the most out of your watch

Being an accessory that often requires huge costs, it is important to understand how to best use it and keep it as long as possible. Indeed, if the best care is reserved, it is possible that the watch will accompany a woman’s style for decades.

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The first thing to do is to make sure that the the glass is sufficiently protected: generally the models are sold with a protective film that you may have to apply, but if this is not enough, there are more resistant ones capable of protecting it from shocks, not only scratches.

As for the bracelet, the story begins to get complicated, because depending on the material it is necessary some type of cure. For example, the skin should be treated with special products to make it softer, while steel can be washed with specific detergents to improve its shine. Silicone would be better not to expose it to the sun, to prevent it from spoiling sooner, also because it already tends to last less than the others.

Finally, while the battery has little to recover when it runs out in digital watches, the traditional mechanism made up of gears must be greased every three years by a watchmakerto prevent them from wearing out prematurely.

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