Botticelli hair, here are the photos with the wavy hair of the VIPs

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The name recalls Botticelli’s painting “The Birth of Venus”, we are talking about the Botticelli Hair of VIPs ready to suggest a new trend in summer hairstyles!

Alongside more practical and anti-heat short summer cuts, VIPs are launching the trend of wavy and very long hair reminiscent of the hairstyles of the women ofRenaissance era.

Here are the photos of the VIPs with the Botticelli waves and the new hair look among the 2022 hairstyle trends!


The Botticelli Hair is the new VIP hair smash! Many women in the star system have succumbed to the charm of wavy waves Renaissance style also on the red carpet, here are the photos.


Romantic and relaxed atmosphere for the actress Phoebe Dynevon who chooses this hairstyle with wavy hair and natural effect center on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2022! Candid skin and hair with gentle wavesthe result is an angelic and very chic look.


For her Met Gala 2022 look, singer Olivia Rodrigo also wears very long hair with flat waves natural, a slightly disheveled seaside hairstyle after a day at the beach!


Are you looking for inspiration about Botticelli Hair vip? The model Adwoa Aboah she appeared with Botticelli Hair at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Here it is with a natural look reminiscent of Mother Nature with a center line and fluffy waves not too defined.


It looks right there Venus of Botticelli supermodel Gigi Hadid, angelic, radiant and with very long wavy hair platinum blond to the navel. For the launch of her Gigi x Frankies Bikinis swimwear line, Gigi enchants everyone with a 16th century fairy tale hair look! But also discover Gigi Hadid, the swimsuit of the summer!


And on the subject of the typical hairstyles of Renaissance women and the Mother Nature effect, here is also Chiara Ferragni. Long blonde hair, parted in the middle and flat waves ofunstructured effect and soft complete a hairstyle that will hardly go unnoticed!


We wonder how to make the VIP Botticelli Hair? The first requirement to replicate the new summer hair trend is to have the XXL hair, naturally long or to stretch with extensions. Those who boast of wavy haircuts and choppy haircuts already have an advantage in creating this hairstyle because the waves will be more accentuated. The easiest and fastest way to achieve Botticelli waves is to apply a texturizing spray to your hair. saline-based at the root to give it volume and an oil to soften the ends. Then simply gather the hair into one or more braids, let the hair air dry or sleep on it to achieve the desired result. An alternative? Arm yourself with patience and a curling iron, as the hairdresser shows us Thomas Smith and creator of the Botticelli Hair name.

Do you like this hairstyle trend and the VIP Botticelli Hair? Will you try to replicate this hairstyle on your hair? We look forward to your comments!

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