Burberry swimwear 2022: the new beachwear collection

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The new collection of Burberry costumes 2022 rewards classic shapes and sophisticated colors, both for the two pieces and for all models. Checkered bikini, triangle with decorations vintage or more modern, let’s discover together the novelties of the swimwear Burberry 2022!

Burberry costumes 2022
Triangle bikini with vintage check details (€340)
Tartan triangle bikini
Burberry triangle bikini in tartan pattern stretch nylon (€360)
Burberry costumes 2022
Plaid swimsuit (390 €)
Burberry costumes 2022
Tartan silk pajama shirt (€890) and tartan silk shorts (€590)


The new Burberry collection suits 2022 pays homage to the iconic plaid pattern which marked the history of the House. In fact, in line with bikini Burberry we find splendid triangle suits with adjustable lacing behind the neck, perfect for small breasts, with cups with removable padding and classic briefs, all adorned with the stunning Vintage Check pattern from the archives. Don’t miss the stretch nylon variants with the darker Exploded Check pattern embellished with an elastic ribbon and those with graphics in shades of brown, splendid to bring out the tan. If we prefer the solid colorthere are the white bikinis with plaid decorations only on the profiles of the bra and briefs with adjustable laces. Do we have a pear-shaped physique with wide hips? the model that suits us is one of the liveliest high-waisted swimsuits, with bra top with a sporty look and high briefs that can also minimize the abdomen. Also discover the news of the Twin Set costume line!

Plaid bikini
Triangle bikini with vintage check pattern (price €390)
white bikini
Triangle bikini swimsuit with vintage check details (€340)
Burberry costumes 2022
Tartan pattern triangle bikini (€420)
Burberry plaid bikini
Tartan pattern triangle bikini swimsuit (cost €360)
High waisted bikini
Stretch nylon bikini with logo bands (€420)


The selection of Burberry one-piece swimsuits offers the same patterns, but not only. Checked one-piece swimsuits have more low-cut shapes in the front and more low-cut in the back, even with a lovely turquoise base. If you want to minimize a small shoulder, there are models with straight neckline and thin straps. Are we looking for a black one-piece swimsuit that has character? You can choose the Burberry one-piece swimsuit with contrasting white straps with interlaced logo behind the back or the variant in total black with tone-on-tone graphic logo, also available in elegant white. Also discover the magnificent models of the Moschino suit line!

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Burberry swimwear
Stretch nylon swimsuit with graphics and logo (cost €390)
Whole suits Burberry 2022
Burberry swimsuit in stretch nylon with tartan pattern (€420)
Burberry costumes 2022
Vintage check pattern swimsuit (€420)
Burberry costumes 2022
Burberry swimsuit in stretch nylon with logo ribbons (price €390)
Burberry costumes 2022
Swimsuit with tartan pattern (390 €)
Burberry costumes 2022
Burberry swimsuit in stretch nylon with graphics and logo (€390)
Burberry costumes 2022
Swimsuit with logo band (cost €390)


Burberry 2022 swimsuits and swimsuits are available on the official site it.burberry.com and in the English brand’s stores that can be found thanks to the store locator on the site.

What do you think of the novelties of the Burberry 2022 swimwear line? Which model do you prefer? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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