Can you eat raw zucchini?

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Zucchini are a classic of Italian cuisine and lend themselves to many preparations, ranging from pancakes to delicious pasta dishes, in combination with protein sources such as shrimp.

Thanks to the fact that they are grown in greenhousesas well as other vegetables, are available all year round to enrich our dishes, but can we eat zucchini raw?

Zucchini, many benefits in a few calories

We all know that vegetables are usually included in low-calorie dietsmainly because it is a nutrient-dense food without negatively affecting our weight. Courgettes are certainly among the most appreciated and widespread, with their delicate taste and the many possibilities of use in the kitchen. But did you know that 100gr contains only 17kcal?

Not only that, although they affect our line little, they are extremely rich in nutrientswhat makes them a product of excellence from the first stages of weaning of the baby.

Each zucchini contains mainly water, which constitutes 94% of its total, which is why it is excellent for people suffering from constipation, as it facilitates the smoothness of the stool.

In addition to this, there are also several vitamins, such as FORthe B1the B2the VS and the B3, essential for the health of the body’s cells; in addition there are also gods extremely important mineralsas the footballthe the ironthe phosphorus and the potassium.

Can you eat raw zucchini?

On social networks and various cooking sites, recipes that include zucchini are numerous and all very tasty. It is also true, however, that one does not often see the presence of a dish that includes this raw vegetable; therefore, from there the question arises whether it can be consumed without having to light the stove. The answer is yes!

Not everyone knows, but zucchini is also excellent to eat rawespecially if it is a fresh and organic productas it best preserves all its nutrients already mentioned above.

The benefits that it can bring to our body are numerous, starting with the purifying and diuretic effect that it allows us to eliminate excess liquids and with them also the toxic substances accumulated in our organism, including “bad” cholesterolresponsible for the plaques that clog the arteries.

Even those who suffer from stomach aches can eat raw zucchini without any problem, because it is light foodthat’s not all it does not interfere with digestionbut refreshes and at the same time resolves constipation.

Finally, mild relaxant and sedative properties have also been found.

Each of its components is edible!

We talked about raw zucchini understood as the green vegetable, which sometimes come in a rounded shape, other elongated, very common especially in summer. Nevertheless, there are other components of zucchini that are just as delicious and nutritiouswhich can even be eaten raw!

The first of these is certainly the flower, which presents itself extremely delicate orange color, protagonist of various delicious preparations, such as salads or soups. This part can also be eaten raw: being rich in calcium And Vitamin Cit proves great for people with osteoporosis or has deficiencies in the immune system.

The second component of zucchini is undoubtedly seeds, which are not usually found in vegetables sold in the supermarket, but which can appear if allowed to grow beyond the usual size. Raw zucchini seeds contain high amounts of oleic and linoleic acids, which are great for treating inflammation, lowering blood sugar levels and countering stomach acid.

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