Car maintenance: why do a checkup before the holidays?

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Are you sure your car is ready for summer? Here’s a quick guide to all the maintenance checks you need to do on your car to prepare for the holidays.

Summer is fast approaching and the desire to escape to the sea or to cool off invades everyone. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a long trip lasting several weeks, it’s important to have your car thoroughly checked before setting off.
The car maintenance before vacation it is crucial not only for comfort but also and above all security. Fortunately, it is not essential to go to a workshop: there are a series of checks that we can do in total autonomy to be sure that the conditions of our car are optimal.
Here are our suggestions to avoid having to deal with any unforeseen events or malfunctions on the day of departure, or even during the trip!

Car maintenance: why are checks important?

Provide one regular car maintenance it is important above all for the passenger safetybut also for ensure a longer life for the car.
Here are some periodic checks that should be performed regularly and why they are so important.

  • Oil check. Having an oil level below the minimum can cause many problems: engine wear is certainly greater because the necessary lubrication is lacking, but also overheating of mechanical components and, in the most serious cases, engine seizure. The oil must be checked regularly, usually 5000 km is enough to bring it down below the minimum level.
  • Check the cabin filter. Also known as pollen filter, it is essential to purify the air that enters the passenger compartment of the car, eliminating not only spores, pollen and harmful compounds from the engine and exhaust gases, but also bad odors. However, the cabin air always remains fresh and healthy only if the cabin filter is not worn or worn out: approximately every 15,000 km should be replaced.
  • Check the fuel filter. Whether your car runs on diesel or gasoline, the fuel filter must always remain perfectly efficient. Having a clogged filter means exposing yourself to the risk of breakdowns but also having poorer performance. Generally the replacement of the fuel filter must be carried out every 20-30,000 km but it is always good to check before starting.
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Doing these checks before vacation is important because a long trip inevitably puts a strain on the engineso if something is not in the best condition before the start, it will hardly withstand many kilometres!
Summer is also an even more tiring season for cars because the extreme heat and the often switched air conditioning put more strain on the engine.

What do you need for the maintenance of your car by yourself?

Before the arrival of the holidays, it is therefore advisable to make a Do it yourself to make sure all is well.
However, it is not necessary to go to the workshop, which obviously involves high costs and will force you to abandon your car for a few days.
On eBay, you can find all the car care products you need that you can use independently even if you are not a mechanical expert, with the same results. Of course it’s important buy good quality productsthat they take care of your car and, indeed, do not risk damaging it because they are poor.
In our selection of DIY car care products, you will find only the best products that you can buy on eBay and receive it directly at your home.


Replacing the cabin filter is quite simple, which you can do independently. quite actually remove elements surrounding the filter (usually the glove box), remove the old filter and insert the new one. Online you will find many tutorials to help you with this task. One very important thing is to always remember to check that the filter is compatible with the model of your vehicle.
Replacing the fuel filter is a little more complicated, especially on petrol vehicles, but no special tools are necessary so, guided by a good tutorial, you can surely do it yourself.

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motor oil

Changing the engine oil is aeasy to use and accessible to all. It would be a good habit to always have a supply of motor oil available at home for any eventuality. To add oil, simply open the hood, remove the filler cap and add enough oil to bring the correct level back up. To make it easier for you, it is best to use a funnel. Once the oil has been added, remove the oil dipstick and check that the amount is correct.

service kit

There are also real kits that contain everything needed for the periodic maintenance DIY car. They usually include a cabin filter, fuel filter and lubricating engine oil pack. It’s about a very affordable solution because they have a very low cost and allow you to buy everything you need in one go. The only precaution is to check that the products contained in the coupon kit are compatible with your car. independently chooses and recommends products and services that can be purchased online or through expert advice. Each time a purchase is made through one of the links in the text, receives a commission without any change in the final price.

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