Cara Delevingne topless at the 2022 Met Gala, Photos and Videos

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Want to stand out? Cara Delevingne with topless and dressed in gold at the 2022 Met Gala drew all the attention to her!

On stage the Met Gala 2022 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York with the stars of showbiz ready to walk the red carpet with luxurious and highly scenographic looks in keeping with the theme of the event, White Tie & The Gilded Age.

Among all the outfits, here is the bold and provocative look chosen by model Cara Delevingne, a red suit with bare breasts covered only by golden nipple covers. Here are photos and videos!


The most flashy and the alternative to the Met Gala 2022? Cara Delevingne. The model wins first prize among the most daring and at the same time sensual outfits. We see her parade on the red carpet with a red satin suit signed Dior with topless covered alone in gold tone nipple pasties with gold painted skin and maxi necklace and jewelry on the chest.


Cara Delevingne’s masculine style suit is available in a super sexy and feminine touch in red satin and with high waist pants, but not only ! To complete the look, the model wore a pair of tonal maxi platform pumps in patent leather and a to stick on in the English lord style.


On the red carpet of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and under the watchful eye of insiders, Cara Delevingne left everyone spellbound. Like, how? Here she takes off her jacket and highlights the chest with golden nipple covers with a chest illuminated with a golden hue like the jewelry worn and her hair. Also discover Victoria De Angelis by Maneskin, topless and burlesque look!

What do you think of Cara Delevingne’s slightly transgressive and eccentric look for the Met Gala 2022? What emotions do these photos and videos arouse in you? We look forward to your comments!

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