Chanel Foundation Les Beiges Touche de Teint

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The new Chanel Les Beiges Touche de Teint foundation combines coverage, naturalness and a deliciously fresh effect on the skin. Let’s find out in detail!


Great excitement in the house of Chanel, with a magnificent novelty entirely dedicated to the complexion! Les Beiges Touche de Teint foundation is the brand’s first product with high pigment concentration microspheres. Evolution of the foundation Les Beiges Eau de Teint 2019, the new Touche de Teint promises a greater coverage and modular. Like the previous version, it wants to combine natural result and sensory and very light texture, perfect in any season. The Chanel Les Beiges Touche de Teint foundation is an excellent complement to the very refined Chanel Les Beiges collection. A candidate to become one of the most exciting new foundations of the year, Touche de Teint has a formula that promises to combine hydration, luminosity and buildable coverage. Could he also be one of the best foundations of the season? We just have to find out!

Chanel Touche de Teint foundation and Eau de Blush blush – photo: @
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The strong point of Les Beiges Touche de Teint foundation is the formula. Composed at 60% waterpromises a unique lightness on the skin, thanks also to the jelly texture immediately dark. In addition, it is enriched with jasmine extract grandiflorum, hyaluronic acid and tamarind extract, selected for their hydrating, firming and plumping properties. Target? Offer a complexion that is not only even and luminous, but also toned, smooth and protected from the effects of atmospheric pollution and blue light.


The color range includes 10 shadesdesigned to adapt to the skins very light to very dark, with neutral, cool and warm undertones. For the Touche de Teint foundation to perform at its best, it is important to apply it to the back of the hand and work it in so that the pigment microspheres fuse together. After applying our favorite face primer, it can be applied to the face directly with the fingers or with a brush with very soft and dense bristles. Here are the colors to choose from:

  • B10foundation for very light neutral-cold skin;

  • B20for very fair skin with neutral undertones;

  • B30for fair complexions with warm-neutral undertones;

  • B40suitable for medium-light skin with warm undertones;

  • B50for medium skin with pink undertones;

  • B60for medium skin tones with warm, golden undertones;

  • B80for medium-dark skin tones with warm, amber undertones;

  • BD91suitable for dark and warm skin;

  • BD121ideal for dark complexions with pink undertones;

  • BR152suitable for very dark skin tones with neutral-cool undertones.

Below we show you the super natural effect of Chanel’s new Les Beiges foundation.

Akon Changkou x Chanel – photo: @
Jung Ho-yeon x Chanel – photo: @


To complete our look, there is also Les Beiges Eau de Blush, Chanel’s first fluid blush! Composed for the 75% waterthe innovative blush based on pigmentary microcapsules is designed to give the face the radiance of a day outside. Immediately absorbable and deliciously fresh, it is designed to combine color and zero material effect, for perfectly made-up skin even on the hottest days. It is enriched with bitter orange and tamarind seed extract, to increase skin hydration.

The available colors are 4:

  • light peachbright peach color;

  • Light pinkdelicate pink;

  • hot pinkmedium pink with a warm undertone;

  • Intense Coralelegant coral color.


The new Chanel Les Beiges foundation and blush are already on sale in Italy on Sephora e-commerce. The foundation is available on this page for 62 euros and the blush on this page for 52 euros. They are also available in the boutiques of the French beauty chain and in the brand’s perfumeries.

What do you think of this new Chanel foundation with micro-encapsulated pigments? Would you like to try it with the blush from the same line? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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