Chanel spring summer 2022 nail polish: all the new colors!

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The new Chanel Spring Summer 2022 nail polishes are a triumph of feminine and romantic shades, between pastel, shiny and creamy finishes.


How good do we love and feel looking at our nails, when they are impeccably colored and perfectly formed? To give us this satisfaction are the new Chanel 2022 enamels designed for the summer, characterized by delicious shades feminine, Costs and elegant. Capable of sublimating nails of different shapes and lengths, including the shortest ones, Chanel’s new pink and pastel colors are ready to appear and accompany us throughout spring and summer.

Chanel Nail Polish 2022 Spring Summer

Thanks to the formula enriched with ceramides And bioceramicChanel Le Vernis nail polishes are designed to give the nails an even and resistant color, from crystalline shine. The new Chanel 2022 nail polish colors to try are good eight, ideal for sublimating light and dark skin that tans easily. We just have to try them all!

Chanel nail polish summer 2022


Delicacy, discretion and refinement: these are the cornerstones of the Chanel manicure. Between ethereal pink hues and light but appreciable touches of color, you can choose your new favorite glazes from three collections. The Chanel Le Blanc, Le Rêve de Chanel, the most lively proposals from La Pausa de Chanel, the seductive Chanel Spring Summer 2022 make-up collection, or the sublime Chanel Les Beiges 2022 collection. the new Chanel Summer 2022 nail polishes! Let’s see them in detail:

  • 925 Seashell Pinkcoral pink, glossy finish;
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Chanel pink nail polish

Chanel pink nail polish summer 2022

  • 927 White Foamoptical white;

Chanel Nail Polish Summer 2022

Chanel Le Vernis nail polish summer 2022

Chanel color nail polish

Chanel Le Vernis Colored Nail Polish

  • 915 Rivieracreamy pastel yellow;

Chanel nail polish

Chanel nail polish Spring 2022

  • 917 Terra Rossawarm and sophisticated terracotta color;

Chanel Enamel Le Vernis

Chanel Enamel Spring 2022

  • 919 utopiaspleasant peach color, finish bright;

Chanel gloss enamel

Chanel enamel summer 2022

  • 921 Evanescenceromantic mauve rose with a crystalline finish;

Chanel pink nail polish

Chanel manicure with pink varnish

  • 923 Dreamlikebeige-pink nude, classic and always elegant;

Chanel nude nail polish

Chanel nude nail polish


Chanel enamels from the Les Beiges and La Pausa collections can already be purchased on this page of the Douglas website with prices from 27 to 29.99 euros. They can also be purchased on this page of the Sephora site with prices starting at €28.90.

What do you think of the new Le Vernis icings for spring summer? Do you like the chosen shades? We are waiting for your opinions in the comments!

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