Cold bandages: what is it, how it is made, beneficial

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To fight against cellulite, there are several methods nowadays, from lotions to spread on the skin until completely absorbedto adhesive patches to stay attached for several hours.

After all, you know, eliminating this imperfection is not easy at all: many women resort to drastic diets, combined with long sessions of physical activity, even without noticing appreciable results within the desired time frame.

One method that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of cosmetic dressings, most often sold in do-it-yourself kits, which essentially don’t require you to visit the beautician.

Aesthetic dressings, what are we talking about?

If you have come to this page, you have probably already heard of them, but their nature is not very clear to you, as well as the type of use.

When we talk about aesthetic dressings, we are referring to a sterile gauze soaked in nutrients and particular active ingredients, who is coming wrapped around the legs, abdomen and even arms. This mechanism allows its components to penetrate our tissues, providing benefits depending on the nature of the ingredients.

Indeed, their function can be detoxifying, firming and draining, depending on the substances chosen for our skin.

Cold and hot bandages, differences

Aesthetic dressings are not all the same, you have understood this well, and their distinction is not given only by destination of the active ingredients contained, but also by the mode of action. Indeed, while hot wraps increase fat metabolism and reduce leg pain through vasodilation, vasoconstrictor cold bandagesthus draining excess liquids and consequently reducing the feeling of swelling and heaviness.

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Moreover, thanks to this mechanism of action, waste and toxic substances, responsible for the famous skin imperfections, are eliminated from the body by the lymphatic system. Therefore, a perfect treatment in case of edematous cellulite, or caused by fluid stagnation.

Finally, the refreshing action of cold dressings helps firm the skin, making it more toned and younger.

How are cold packs made?

Generally, those who wish to receive this treatment go to a beauty salon, but nothing prevents you from being able to apply cold dressings directly at homefor example, buying a kit online, after carefully checking the active ingredients of each to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cold bandages can also be made at home, obviously using cotton gauze. On the web there are different compositions regarding the solution with which to impregnate them, which usually exploit the properties of natural ingredients.

In fgeneral, approximately 400 ml of water, 100 g of Dead Sea salt and drops of essential oils of draining plant extracts, such as birch, mint, green tea or grapefruit are necessary. The principle is to make substances penetrate the skin by the process of osmosis.

How do they apply?

Once you’ve made your personal cold dressing, or purchased a kit online, all you have to do is apply it starting from the ankles and proceeding in a spiral to the groinensuring that the gauze adheres perfectly to the skin without compressing it.

For better adhesion, apply a subsequent layer of film. At this point, all you have to do is wait 30 to 50 minutes keeping your legs slightly elevatedto facilitate the drainage of excess liquids.

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At the end of the treatment it is advisable not to rinse the areas with detergents, but only with water, so as not to interfere with the work of the active ingredients applied, and to spread a nourishing oil, massaging the skin.

The whole operation can be repeated once a week for the next two months.

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