Dior makeup summer 2022: Dioriviera collection

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The Dior Summer 2022 Dioriviera makeup collection takes us to the luxurious shores of the Mediterranean, dreaming of endless vacations embellished with refined makeup.


A sought-after destination for the most chic holidays, the Mediterranean coast is a triumph of jagged coasts that stand out against the blue of the sea. The dolce vita that explodes during the summer season is script chosen by Dioriviera, the new Dior Summer 2022 makeup collection. The dream of an endless sun-kissed vacation inspired Peter Philiphs, Creative and Image Director of Dior, who has a very luxury French-style !

Dior makeup summer 2022

The unfurled sails of the boats in the Mediterranean waters, the deckchairs on the enchanting beaches where the tanned skin becomes marvelously Goldendraws the enchanting picture of the Dior Summer 2022 makeup collection. The bayadere stripe pattern becomes a symbol of serenity typical of summer, making looks fresh and light, dressing the textures of Dior makeup products.

Dior summer 2022 makeup collection

The Dioriviera makeup collection offers all the necessary for elegant and sophisticated tricks to show off during the holidays. L’seduce of home is drawn in references to eyes, face, lips and nails in bright but refined colors. shiny textures, warm shades in bronze and coral shades are designed to enhance all natural skin tones in a palette with Riviera accents. Prepare to capture the splendid light golden hour with references from the Dior Summer 2022 makeup collection!

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Dior makeup summer 2022

Dior eyeshadow palette
Dioriviera eyeshadow palette – photo: @sugakokondo


The famous palettes with five Dior pods promise pigmented and easily blendable colors. The figure of Dior Summer 2022 eye makeup is the explosion of sunlight at sunset, translated into two fascinating color harmonies. The powders are decorated with the bayadère stripe pattern, a tribute to the Mediterranean art of living!

Dior Eye Palette Summer 2022

The Dior Summer 2022 make-up collection includes two new palettes, designed for radiant and sensual make-up to showcase during an aperitif on the beach! The texture of the five eye shadows promises the release of intense color that doesn’t fade over time. Dior palettes feature, as always, a mirror and a double applicator. Here they are in detail:

  • 479 Bayaderemix of natural and luminous shades such as copper, champagne and bronze;

Dior makeup palette

Dior eye makeup palette
Dior eye makeup palette – photo: @sugakokondo
  • 779 Rivierawith warm and elegant hues in burgundy, peach and gold tones.

Dior eye makeup

Dior eye makeup palette
Dior eye makeup palette – photo: @sugakokondo


The Dioriviera makeup collection also includes the popular Dior Forever Natural Bronze bronzing powder, essential to give an effect sun-kissed in the face. The packaging is iconic and collector! The cream-coloured box adorned with the famous pattern of the house, hides the compact powder enriched with 95% of mineral pigments. The formula contains silica microspheres, which provide silky texture, and nourishing shea butter.

Dior face makeup summer 2022

Dior Summer 2022 face makeup comes in radiant shades, for a light, tanned skin effect Natural. In the Dioriviera makeup collection, the Dior Forever Natural Bronze bronzer comes in two soft colors:

  • 004 Tan Bronzehoney color, for light to medium skin tones;
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Dior Bronzer

  • 005 Warm bronzebiscuit tint, for medium and amber complexions.

Dior face makeup


Offered in a prestigious velvety case, with a tapered design and topped with the embossed logo of the house, Addict Lip Tint Dior lipsticks come in fresh, natural shades. Like Dior Addict lipsticks, Dior lipsticks contain 95% natural ingredients, includingcherry oil with a moisturizing action. The goal of Dior Summer 2022 lip makeup is to give extreme comfort to the lips.

Lip makeup Dior Summer 2022

Dior Summer 2022 lip makeup includes 10 colors transfer-free, long-lasting formula for up to 24 hours. The shades embrace bold hues such as raspberry, coral and intense plum so you can make up your lips by choosing from a wide range of shades! Let’s take a closer look at the colors available:

  • 251 Natural Peachpeach pink;

Dior lipstick

  • 351 Natural Nudemauve pink;

Dior lipstick

  • 421 Natural Teabrick red;

Dior lipstick

  • 451 Natural Coralcoral pink;

Dior lipstick

  • 541 Natural Siennarosewood color;

Dior lip makeup

  • 561 Natural PoppyOrange-red;

Dior lipstick

  • 641 Natural red mandarintangerine color;

Dior Lip Makeup Summer 2022

  • 651 Natural Pinkberry-pink;

Dior lip makeup summer 2022

  • 761 Natural Fuchsiaraspberry pink;

Dior lipstick summer 2022

  • 771 Natural BerryRed purple.

Dior lipstick


The Dioriviera make-up collection closes with three exclusive colors of the iconic Vernis enamels, which complete the summer look to show off on the Riviera with a manicure flawless! Enriched with nail-strengthening peony and pistachio extracts, Dior Vernis nail polishes are characterized by their luminous finish. gel effect. The three colors of the Dior Estate 2022 nail polishes are:

  • 440 Rivierawarm peach color;

Dior Nail Polish Summer 2022

  • 633 Bayadereflamboyant coral red.

Dior red nail polish

  • 720 Golden Hourvibrant dark gold
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Dior gold enamel

Domaine Smalti Dioriviera 2022
Smalti Dioriviera Estate 2022 – photo: @ maquia.magazine


Dior Summer 2022 makeup products from the Dioriviera collection are on sale on this page of the Sephora website, on this page of the Douglas perfumeries website and in the brand’s perfumeries.

Do you like Dior Summer 2022 makeup products? Which reference would you like to try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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