Essence & Catrice di Cosnova celebrate 20 years of success

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Happy birthday to the German company Cosnova which celebrates 20 years of success for the Essence and Catrice brands!


Essence and Catrice make-up and skincare products have become real must-haves, appreciated by addicted and industry professionals. References such as Essence’s Lash Princess mascara, Essence gel polishes and Catrice eyeshadow palettes cannot be missing from our beauty bags. Son ofGerman company Cosnova Beautythe Essence and Catrice brands are celebrating twenty years of activity marked by enormous success!

Essence & Catrice celebrate their 20th anniversary
Catrice makeup products – @catrice.cosmetics
Essence Catrice Cosnova 20 years old
Essence Makeup Products – @essence.cosmetics


In 2002, Christina Oster-Daum and her husband Javier González from their house in Sulzbach launched the first 50 make-up products of the new Essence Cosmetics brand. Their philosophy of offering quality low-cost products in tune with trends turns out to be a winner in the market. Two years later, the founders created the sister brand Catrice Cosmetics, with the same characteristics but for more heterogeneous consumers. The super-inclusive LOV brand is also coming in 2018.

Cosnova is distinguished by quality and innovation a affordable prices, keeping from the outset the promise to “make everyone more beautiful”. The brand’s beauty products are distributed in pharmacy and points of sale where everyone can notice them when shopping. For twenty years, the rise of the online market has reinforced the success of Essence and Catrice by Cosnova. The company reaches incredible heights with more than 500 products in its range and with branches all over the world, including one in Milan.

Essence & Catrice di Cosnova 20 years old
Essence Cosmetics Gel Polish – @ essence.cosmetics


The transformations of the Cosnova brand that have taken place in recent years are numerous. Note the transition to the philosophy of clean beauty with the Hello, Good Stuff by Essence and Clean ID by Catrice ranges, Essence beauty products that have become vegan, cruelty-free certified and produced with an eco-responsible approach. In addition to one huge choice of make-up and skincare products in a permanent range, the trendy edition collections are a sign that the brand is always in tune with current beauty and make-up trends. The limited edition make-up lines are also an opportunity to create special collections, inspired by the cult themes of millennials and gen-Z. An example? The Disney Classics Essence & Catrice makeup collection, Jurassic World makeup products by Essence and the annual date with the romantic Catrice Kaviar Gauche collection.

20 years Essence Catrice Cosnova
Disney Classics Essence & Catrice Makeup Collection – @essence.cosmetics
Catrice care products
Catrice skincare products – @catrice.cosmetics


The celebrations had already been opened by the Make Beauty Fun Essence Summer 2022 collection, but the surprises don’t stop there! Nadine Langen, managing director of Cosnova Italia, explains that more will be published in 2022 Advertisement to celebrate the successes of the cosmetics company in the best possible way. The manager says that in Italy the anniversary will be celebrated through a communication campaign signed by Cosnova and Essence, involving the people to whom the on the objectives achieved : “We decided to give a voice to all the employees behind the brand. We want the employees, who contribute to the success of the company every day, to be involved in this important initiative, as well as the opinion leaders who speak to the hearts of our subscribers through their voices and their content. »

Essence & Catrice by Cosnova
Nadine Langen, Managing Director Cosnova Italy

What do you think of Essence and Catrice? What are the products of these brands that you never part with? Tell us everything in the comments: we look forward to reading your opinions!

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