Food processor 2022: which one to buy at a bargain price

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If you like to cook and spend a lot of time in the stove, a nice food processor will help you prepare your fantastic recipes in less time and without having to clean a thousand utensils.

So pots and pans lovers, you will find in this article an overview of the best food processors.

But before we start, let’s understand what we’re talking about.

What is a food processor, what is it for and how does it work

A food processor is a very versatile device capable of chopping, mixing, grating, whisking, slicing, pressing/squeezing and sometimes kneading or baking.

It is therefore a kitchen assistant that allows you to significantly reduce preparation times and manual effort to cook even the most elaborate dishes.

A food processor generally consists of a basic piece of furniture to which it is then possible to add the various accessories provided, which allow the various functions.

Some of these devices are also called food processors, because they incorporate a food processor dedicated to cooking, which cooks or cooks, using electricity or the principle of induction hobs.

Not all robots are the same or have the same functionalities, so you need to choose the most suitable product for the use you want to make of it.

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What are the prices of a food processor?

Price may vary depending on product features, power and accessories. It starts at around 100-150 € for the simplest models to go up to 1000 € for models with more advanced accessories and functions, generally equipped with a planetary mixer and a cooking function. For a homemade product with good versatility and longevity, the general advice is to invest at least €400-500.

What are the characteristics to consider?

Container sizes and capacities

The size of the device and the length of the power cord are important factors for a targeted purchase. During the selection phase, it is necessary to take into consideration the space available in the kitchen, both for the positioning of the robot (and its accessories) and for its smooth use (having an adequate base for the ingredients, being able to take preparations from above, etc.).

The dimensions of the product also influence the dimensions of containers such as blenders, food processors and grinders and, therefore, the doses and quantities that can be worked on (generally from a capacity of 1L for even exceed 4L).

Accessories and functionality

Another element that should influence the choice concerns the number of accessories supplied is the possibility of purchasing additional compatible accessories separately. Of course, depending on the needs and the use you want to make of the multifunction food processor, it is important to check which accessories are provided and if there are those that interest you the most.

Some of the most common include grating discs, slicing discs, julienne discs, kneading blades, shredding blades, juicers, juicers, whisks and containers including the food processor and blender. Some manufacturers also provide other secondary accessories such as spatulas and dispensers.

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The most advanced and, therefore, the most expensive models are real cooking machines and have the function of cooking, even with steam, with preset timers and automatic programs. In this case, it is good to consult the supported cooking temperature (some foods will require a high temperature for example). Some robots also allow association via an application and the possibility of downloading and pre-programming different recipes.

Motor power and speed levels

To understand which is the best food processor for your needs, the power of the motor is another element to consider. In fact, it affects the timing and the types of possible preparations. For example, if your intention is to process foods that require more effort, you will need to rely on a sufficiently powerful motor. In general, the best food processors have a power of at least 800W, with more advanced models even exceeding 1000W.

Depending on the power of the motor, different speeds will also be available, each adapted to specific types of preparations. Professional food processors can offer more than 10 speed levels, while inexpensive food processors sometimes only have 1-2 speeds.

Ease of use and maintenance

We must not neglect the simplicity of use and maintenance. As this is a device for everyday use, it is important that it is easy to assemble, as well as comfortable (and safe) to use. For example, it is advisable to check the presence of non-slip feet or suction cups that guarantee stability on the worktop during operation.

As with other appliances in contact with food, it is important to ensure that the plastic materials are BPA-free, and therefore free of Bisphenol A, a substance harmful to health.

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Changing accessories and containers should take little time and effort. Similarly, a food processor and all of its components, such as containers and blades, must imperatively be thoroughly cleaned after each use, not only for reasons of hygiene but also to avoid the risk of food mixing.

The nature, quality and resistance of the materials condition both maintenance (many accessories can also be washed in the dishwasher) and the longevity of the product.

After this brief overview, let’s see which are the best performing food processors. Among the brands operating in the sector, the iconic Vorwerk Thermomix is ​​the best known when it comes to food processors, but it is also the most expensive. In this article we see which are the best alternatives.

The best inexpensive food processors

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