Foot magnetotherapy: what is it, what is it for, which machines to use

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Fractures generally represent a debilitating clinical condition for the patient, not only because they involve a great deal of pain, but it is a matter of situations that also require long periods of physiotherapy to regain full joint mobility.

In recent decades, technology has made great advances in the medical field and also for these circumstances they exist effective remedies, without necessarily being invasive. One of the best is right there magnetic therapyespecially the one indicated for the feet.

What is magnetotherapy

Magnetic therapy is a practice used in physiotherapy and is therefore defined because it acts by electromagnetic wavesable to directly stimulate tissue at the cellular levelso as to promote regeneration through ion exchange processes.

It’s about a non-invasive and painless mechanism which can act in three different ways, taking into account the source of the magnetic field: if it is static or at low frequency, it means that magnets are applied directly to the affected part, while in the case of radio waves at high frequency are used, capable of penetrating deeper.

Its application extends to different fields, but is mainly concentrated in osteoarticular pathologiesas thearthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatic diseasesetc

It should be noted, however, that not everyone can follow this treatment: magnetotherapy is not indicated in certain subjects who have particular clinical conditions, such as current or previous neoplasms, pregnant women, children, carriers pacemakers, to name a few. For this reason in case of doubt, always refer to the advice of your doctor.

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What is foot magnetic therapy used for?

Magnetic therapy can be applied to several points of the body, but when it comes to the feet, it is often prescribed for the presence of broken bones or chronic pathologies.

Its advantages are numerous and are found in the first place in the pain reductionwhich gives immediate relief to the patientsince electromagnetic waves act not only at the cellular level to increase oxygenation and vascularization of tissues, but they also reduce inflammatory conditions.

Foot pain can have many origins, such as hallux valgus in which there is a deviation of the big toe towards the other fingers or tendinopathies, common in subjects who practice sport at a competitive level. Magnetotherapy represents a valid alternative to avoid resorting to the use of drugs with associated side effects.

Its effectiveness, scientifically demonstrated, is also found in the processes of bone regeneration, positively influencing the rehabilitation process in case of foot fractures, considered extremely disabling and sometimes difficult to heal. By the same principle it comes also used to dramatically slow the degeneration of osteoporosis and arthritis.

Finally, magnetic therapy of the feet can be used to accelerate the healing of the soft tissues of bedsores or to improve microcirculation.

The best magnetic therapy devices for the feet

It is not necessary to go to a specialist to undergo a magnetic therapy for the feetbecause there are very valid medical devices on the market to carry out the treatment directly at home.

Here are the best on the market.

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I-Tech Medical Division MAG 2000

MAG 2000 looks like a magnetic therapy device easily portable, thanks to the supplied bag and its compact size. It is equipped with 2 channels of only 150 Gauss because it acts at low frequency, and a therapeutic rubber band with 3 solenoids.

There are 35 programs, 20 of which collect the most common pathologies while 14 are identified by the frequency of work. At last, the Autoscan function allows you to work on soft and hard tissues during the same therapy session.

Wellmag high and low frequency magnetic therapy

The proposal of Wellmagalthough it is still small in size to take anywhere, it allows you to receive treatments on high and low frequenciesup to 13Mhz with sweep modulation from 100Hz to 10KHz.

Its programming is also coherent, with 30 different settings to which are added 1 automatic scan and 5 free spaces to memorize the frequency which interests you the most. Although it is battery operated, it can also be used directly connected to the electric current.

Colpharma Magnetocare magnetic therapy device

Colpharma turns out to be a valid alternative which despite a smaller number of programs – there are 20 of them and correspond to the most common pathologies – each of them is adjustable in time and intensity.

The fact that he has two comfortable bands provided allow you to treat several body parts at the same timetaking advantage of the 2 available channels.

Gima 28311 Magnetotherapy Mag 2000 Plus

Unlike the previous Mag 2000, we are talking about a device that operates on higher frequencies (up to 400 Gauss) distributed over two channels. As well, it allows to treat more areas of the body thanks to a therapeutic elastic band with 3 solenoids.

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Also on the programming front it is more extensive, being able to choose between 35 optionseven giving the possibility of archiving 10 user memories, choosing the frequency and time of the treatment.

Globus Magnum L

For those looking for a device that contains the essentials and is also very simple to use Magnum L is the ideal product: the minimum programming of 8 predefined options among the most common diseases, allows you to easily choose the most appropriate therapy.

The device it works at low frequency and on 1 single channelup to 160 Gauss, enough to say goodbye to all the pain.

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