Funko Pop: where to buy the originals?

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Funko Pop has become a true mass cultural phenomenon, an emblem of nerd collecting. Do you collect them too?

If you are passionate about music, movies or TV series you are probably very familiar, but maybe you don’t know its history. Funko Pop is born over twenty years ago and are real collector’s items. Today we tell you the story of these action figures that have become true pop icons.

Funko Pop: origin and history

Mike Becker is a designer from Florida with a passion for collectible toys.
He founded Funko in Washington in 1998 with Rob Schwartz and Sean Wilkinson. Their project is to create collectibles at affordable prices, within the reach of as many people as possible.

They then begin to create characters bobble heador rather with a large hanging head: these are vintage reproductions of characters from the past.

But he is Brian Mariotti, who took over the company in 2005, to bring Funko to success: in 2009, a collaboration with DC Comics began, from which the first Funko Pops were born (at the time their name was Funko Force 2.0). It’s about static action figures with minimalist designvery different from classic realistic figurines.

The first Funko Pops were unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con in 2010 and featured Batman, Batgirl, and Green Lantern. Made of vinyl and 9 cm high, they are inspired by Japanese characters in chibi style, characterized by a square head with rounded corners, very large round eyes. They did not find success with the company’s historical fans, but they received an enthusiastic reception from a new segment of the public.
From 2010 therefore begins the massive production of Funko Pop, which now represent all the most important characters of pop culture, also thanks to licenses granted by Star Wars and Marvel.

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Success and spread

In a few years we begin to create small community of nostalgic enthusiasts from collect Funko Popsfinding them at bookstores, comic stores, malls, music stores, and trade shows.
game of thrones And The Walking Dead are two of the series that contribute the most to the success of these statuettes.

To date, there are thousands of Funko Pops they represent characters from movies, TV series, bands, comics and video games. Some are now unavailable while others were intentionally released as a limited edition. To be able to seize them, collectors are willing to spend even a few thousand dollars.

How to recognize the original Funko Pops

  • check the product photography: There must be high quality photos taken from different angles
  • check the box print quality: The colors should be vivid and the print sharp
  • check the serial number at the bottom packaging or on the statuette: must be alphanumeric
  • check the Manufacturing country: Original Funko Pops are produced in China or Vietnam

Where to buy original Funko Pops

eBay is one of the safest (virtual) places for collectors worldwide.
Rare items are easy to find here, and Funko Pops are some of the most sought-after pieces on the platform.

Some Funko Pops on eBay:

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