Garden party: everything you need for your summer evenings

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Many practical, functional and economical solutions for a garden party. Here’s how to furnish your outdoor spaces in a comfortable and welcoming way for special evenings.

In view of the summer and the fine weather, being able to enjoy a garden is a real privilege.
With family or friends, who has one green area you can use it all summer long, for simple eating or for organize a pleasant garden party.

The ideal equipment for your garden party

For your dinner or garden party to go well, you have to have the right outdoor equipment: aesthetically beautiful, light and at the same time resistant and durable. No matter the size of your garden: there are in fact so many on the market practical and intelligent solutions to make the most of your space and create the right warm and welcoming atmosphere for you and your guests.

Folding chairs from outside, the tables expandable, but also mosquito repellent pillows, candles and torches for lighting: in this article you will find these and many other practical outdoor equipment to make your garden a real “green living room” during the most beautiful time of the year.

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Garden tables

The garden tables are the essential foot for lunch, dinner or an aperitif with friends.
With their strong and lightweight construction, they are ideal for outdoor use, whether in the garden or on the veranda, as they are weatherproof and very easy to assemble and clean.
Depending on the space you have, you can opt for different solutions: a fixed garden table, an extendable table, a resealable table in a case, or a roll-up table to put away once the garden party is over.
Regarding the materials, you have the choice between different options but the most practical are certainly thealuminum and the Plastic: light, economical and easy to clean. If you are looking for something more chic, there are resin tables instead.

Folding chair set

Chair sets are very useful in case you need extra seating, for example at parties or outdoor dining. Made of various materials, such as chromed metal or wood, they are available in different colors and with different coverings, in PVC or imitation leather.
There are different models of outdoor chairs, but the most practical are certainly those foldable or stackableso as to take up minimal space when not in use.


Comfortable, practical and elegant, gazebos can be quickly set up in the garden for a party or a barbecue with friends.
Thanks to the included anchoring accessories, such as tension ropes and pegs, their frame remains firmly fixed to the groundeven in windy conditions.
Their main advantage is that they provide shade on sunny days and moisture protection in bad weather, making them ideal for use in outdoor areas in all weather conditions and at any time of the day.
Some models are also waterproof, water-repellent and with excellent protection against the sun’s UV rays; others are even resealable, for minimal space when no longer needed.

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Ideas for lighting up a garden party

Citronella candles

A decidedly unwanted guest at your summer garden parties? Insects and mosquitoes! Thanks to these candles lemongrass scent you can put an end to insect bites and nuisances and enjoy your garden in peace.
Their elegance, given by the terracotta jar, makes it possible to make gods beautiful illuminated pathsto create a magical and special atmosphere.
In addition, their delicate and pleasant fragrance lasts about 4-5 hours and is absolutely not harmful to humans.


These soft cushions are specially designed to decorate your outdoor space and make it even more more welcoming and comfortable.
Thanks to their waterproof coating, they can be used in the garden on a pallet or directly on the groundwithout risk of damaging them.
Ideal when you want to organize an informal and easy garden party, to create a welcoming and refined open-air living roomhave 100% cotton filling and are available in different colors and sizes to personalize your garden with a unique style.


In addition to being decorative, solar lanterns create a fantastic light effectideal for livening up your summer evenings and making them more intimate and special.
They are equipped with a battery which, during the day, is charged with sunlight, while in the evening it allows the lanterns to remain lit for up to 10 hours.
Finally, thanks to their comfortable handle, they can be hung or moved and positioned wherever you want.

paper lanterns

The paper lanterns, available in different colors, are ideal to make your outdoor events resolutely suggestiveor maybe for when you want to organize one romantic evening by the light of… lantern!
Hang them on tree branches, gazebos or pergolas andwow effect it is insured for adults and children.
In addition to furnishing in an original way, they give off a very pleasant soft light and their bright colors bring joy and delight.

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Light chains

Thanks to their warm light and their functional, minimalist design, the outdoor light garlands create a romantic and pleasant atmosphere.
Once you hang the wires of the length you prefer, the effect given by the bulbs will be similar to a real one. light stringwhich will illuminate the tables d’hôtes with discretion and refinement.
The string lights can be used for various occasions: birthdays, weddings or dinners with friends and can be hung with hooks or intertwined on pergolas.

Torches and torches

With their simple and elegant design, these accessories are ideal for organizing your parties, creating the right atmosphere in any outdoor environment with pleasant light.
Some models run on oil, to be placed in small refillable tanks; others are recharged with solar energy and automatically turn on at nightfall thanks to an integrated sensor.
Easy to use, the torches and torches sink directly into the ground and are perfect for illuminating and delimiting paths, swimming pools or hedges. independently chooses and recommends products and services that can be purchased online or through expert advice. Each time a purchase is made through one of the links in the text, receives a commission without any change in the final price.

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