Girl’s shoes for spring: a guide to choosing the right one

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The best types and brands of children’s shoes for spring, to satisfy their vitality and also their more fashionable side.

As temperatures rise, sweating also increasesespecially in children, always on the move and eager to play, do sports and have fun outdoors.
Choosing the right shoes for them is the best gift you can give them, to help them feel fresh, light and free to play.

In our article we will give you some useful tips on how to choose baby shoes for springso that they are practical but without giving up the fashion side!

Girl’s shoes for summer
: how to choose them?

Taken from other priorities, we often forget our children’s little feet, which must be helped to stay cool for a better quality of play and, in general, during daily journeys or spring walks.

For men, you know, the choice of shoes is more limited, while for girls, there is something to enjoy: sneakers, brogues And dancers are just some of the types of baby shoes suitable for spring.

But how do you choose the ones that suit them best?
Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying.

Usage Occasions

First, start with occasions of usedistinguishing sport girls shoes And stylish baby girl shoes.
Elegant models such as ballerinas or brogues are perfect for the holidays or for ceremonies or special events, such as weddings, birthdays or communions; while trainers and sneakers are more sporty and therefore suitable for everyday use, for going to school or for extracurricular activities such as sports, walks or outdoor games.
It would be ideal to have it available one pair of each typeso that you can use them on different occasions.

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Technical characteristics

Since you are heading towards the warm season, prefer breathable shoes but they are as resistant.
For example, girls’ shoes in real leather they perfectly combine comfort and resistance: the right mix if you want your little girl’s shoes to last a long time, while preserving her feet.
Light canvas models are also excellent, ideal to use even in summer.
As for sports shoes, it is better to choose those with reinforced tip And soft foam sole. These features provide relatively more durability and cushioning with every step, to protect your baby’s spine health as well.

Closure of the shoe

Prefer shoes equipped with strap with tearcompared to the laces.
Pediatricians and teachers always advise it: the tear is easier to manage and encourages the little ones to put on and take off their shoes independently so, if possible, choose shoes with Velcro closure.

Aesthetics and fashion

Don’t forget the fashion andaesthetic: girls, even the little ones, know how to be very demanding in terms of looks! Make your little girl happy with her own shoes favorite characters.
Lol, Winx, Barbie, Charlotte M. are some of the most popular characters among girls of this generation and you are definitely not wrong if you choose to opt for any of them.

The best brands

Trademarks are a good quality indicator girls shoes.
Kappa, Nike, Primigi and many other brands make you immediately feel safe to buy, even with your eyes closed! Not only for the quality of the materials, but also for the ergonomics of the shoe, designed taking into account the posture and needs of children of all ages.

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One more number!

Finally, a little advice that so many mothers adopt!
Children grow visibly and, with them, the small feet too. To prevent baby shoes for spring from being worn for only a few months (or even weeks), it is always better to buy bigger shoesobviously remaining within the limits of comfort and practicality for the child.
Usually one extra number is enough to ensure you use the shoes a bit longer.

10 girl shoes for spring

Now that we have seen how to choose girls’ shoes for spring, here is a list of quality models from the best brands for you.

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