Guide to choosing a garden umbrella

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The garden umbrella is a key piece of furniture in a garden, balcony or terrace. It shelters us from the sun’s rays on hot summer days and can give a touch of style and color to our open spaces. In addition, it keeps us away from prying eyes, thus protecting our privacy.
But how to choose it?
We help you find the one that best suits your needs.

How to choose the garden umbrella


If you have limited space, it is better to opt for a square or round model with a central support. These are models that do a more limited shade but are usually enough to fix a coffee table and a few chairs.


Outdoor umbrellas are distinguished on the basis of support armwhich can be central or lateral.
The models with central arm they are a sturdier version of the classic parasol. Some models have the base that fits directly into the table.
These are solutions with very stable support.

The models with off-center arm they need more space. These parasols are more aesthetically pleasing and more functional because their inclination can be easily adjusted during the day by following the direction of the sun. They are best if you live in a windy area.

Type of opening

The opening mechanism can be classic, crank or double pulley. Evaluate what is most comfortable for you also based on who will need to use it most often.

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Style and color

Choose a model that matches the overall style of your home and any other elements already present in your outdoor space, in order to respect the balance from an aesthetic point of view.
THE light colours (like sand or cream) are best when theexposure umbrella is in broad daylight.
THE dark or bright colors they are preferable in contexts such as gardens more protected by trees, plants or buildings.


The fabric
It is important that the fabric umbrella, always exposed to the sun and bad weather, has some characteristics:

  • Ability to protect from solar radiation
  • Resistance
  • Waterproofing

Fabrics can be more or less dense weaving. The most used are:

  • cotton: it is a natural fabric but it is easily damaged
  • polyester: easily washable but the color fades quickly
  • acrylic: the most resistant solution and also the one that best protects from the sun

Plus, it’s good that the fabric has been treated to resist moisture and mildew.

The base of the parasol can be in:

  • drink: more aesthetic but less durable over time, it may need to be repainted in a few years. It has a higher cost.
  • aluminum or iron: they cost less than wood and last longer, but you have to be careful that they don’t rust

Additional functions

Some of the most modern umbrellas are equipped with LED lights, some have a swivel base: these are details that can add extra comfort.

How to make a garden umbrella last over time

Often an outdoor parasol is a difficult purchase from an economic point of view. With a few precautions it is possible to make it last longer:

  • Check if your parasol is suitable for outdoor use in all seasons or if it is better to store it in a sheltered place during the cold season
  • Brush the umbrella cloth to remove dust and dirt
  • Treat it with waterproofing products
  • Occasionally lubricate the spoke joints and the sliding ring
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The best outdoor umbrellas to buy now:

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