Guide to choosing strong, long-lasting and natural deodorants

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Solid deodorants are the ecological, durable and natural alternative to classic roll-on or spray deodorants. Let’s find out how they work and how to choose the right one.

THE solid deodorantswith their specification anti-odor function and the natural formulathey are the perfect solution to feel good, fresh and dry throughout the day, in full respect of nature.
THE classic deodorants found on supermarket shelves, in fact, are polluting in many ways: firstly for the packaging that must be eliminated, but also for the production methods that often contain chemical elements, and also for certain harmful substances that are released into the environment.

Fortunately, there is an ecological and just as effective alternative!

Solid deodorants: why use them

One of the most interesting inventions in the field of ecological cosmetics is certainly the solid deodoranta product respectful of the health of the skin and the environment.

Here are some advantages to making this choice.

  • IS suitable for delicate and sensitive skinwhy it does not contain aluminum salts which, by blocking perspiration, may irritate the axillary glands.
  • It does not contain alcoholand therefore does not dry out the skin.
  • IS practical and durablethanks to plastic-free packaging: it is mainly found in recycled and recyclable aluminum pots, or in paper packaging.
  • It is easy to use and a small amount is enoughto ensure efficiency and freshness throughout the day.
  • Much more intense and lasting of the classic spray version, is ideal for anyone fighting against a excessive sweating.
  • It lasts much longer of a traditional deodorant so there is also a practical and economical advantage. If used by one person, it can last up to three months.
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How to use a solid deodorant?

The solid deodorant is very easy to use: it looks like a stick of soap, which goes simply rubbed under the armpits so that it releases its fragrance and antiperspirant action.
Generally it contains sodium bicarbonate, vegetable oils and essential oils of different types which give it a particular fragrance. Of course, solid deodorants do not contain any artificial or chemical products.

Other types of alternative deodorants

If you are interested in the alternatives to classic deodorantsthere are many options to consider to make a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.
Here are three lesser-known types, but natural and effective.

  • Alum stone (or alum rock): with a natural deodorant action, this mineral has bactericidal, astringent and healing properties. In addition, its effectiveness and duration are remarkable.
  • Aloe vera based deodorants: in particular the juice of this plant is a very effective natural deodorant, which can be applied all over the body, alone or combined with an essential oil.
  • Cream deodorants: protect against bad odors and take care of your skin, thanks to the moisturizing ingredients contained in the compositions.

What are the best solid deodorants?

After a selection of brands and products, we have developed our own top 3 best solid deodorants which you can buy online. They are all excellent in terms of the ingredients used and the duration.

All products in this article have been carefully selected by the editorial staff: in the choice we evaluate product quality, price and customer reviews.
We only rely on premium authorized sellers who realize the free delivery.
Purchases are covered by the eBay Customer Guaranteewhich ensures you a fast refund in case of return of the product.
Finally, we remind you that buying on eBay is simple and you can do it without registration on the site.

Nature Workshop

The CO.SO. Neutro from Officina Naturae is a natural product, formulated with Hamamelis extract, with a slight astringent effect, and the exclusive impalpable bicarbonate, which acts as an inhibitor, slowing down the activity of bacteria that cause bad odors.
the fragrances available they are numerous :
Fragrance-free and with baking soda
Orchid, Iris and Amber
Bergamot, Cardamom, Cedar and Patchouli
Cedar, orange blossom, blackcurrant and freesia
Vanilla flower and coconut milk

Please note: there is no free delivery on this product.


Lamazuna solid deodorant is very gentle on the skin, so it is perfect if you have very sensitive skin. It does not contain aluminum or alcohol and not only offers a pleasant fragrance but also an antibacterial effect that fights odors. The packaging is also environmentally friendly because it is made of paper.
the fragrances available they are different so you can choose your favorite.
Palmarosa essential oil
Floral fragrance with coconut and sunflower oil
Sage, cedar and ravintsara
Marine aroma
Bergamot and geranium

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Odorless solid deodorant suitable for ultra sensitive skin, with jojoba oil and sweet almonds. Its 100% natural ingredients, including magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide and bamboo, wick away sweat and odor, ensuring that your armpits are always perfectly dry but also smooth and silky.

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