Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens for protected and tanned skin

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Do you want skin kissed by the sun, but also pampered by sensory and pleasant textures, with exotic and seductive scents? Here are all the Hawaiian Tropic 2022 solar panels!


You say Hawaii and now it’s summer, sun and sea! With their fragrances inspired by the paradise islands of surfers, Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen products export the philosophy ofAloha Therapy, focused on freedom and well-being. They are created to pamper and protect the skin from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, to enjoy moments of well-being and relaxation under the sun in peace. The Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen range includes many references with SPF values ​​from the lowest to the highest, in order to adapt to all phototypes. All Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens are certified by the Skin Cancer Foundation and are certified cruelty free PETA. In addition, Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen products have formulas reef friendlythat is to say, free of oxybenzone and octinoxate vis-à-vis the seas.

Solar Hawaiian Tropic

Hawaiian Tropic Sun Creams

Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens include several lines, with products formulated to meet our needs and the most common needs of all skin types. Sun products come in a wide variety of textures: creams, lotions, sprays, oils to protect and tan face and body. Sun products contain a sun protection factor 6 to 50, so that everyone can choose the product that best suits their protection needs. Let’s discover all the Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen products!

Hawaiian Tropic Solar Mineral

Hawaiian Tropic face and body sunscreens


The products in the Mineral Hawaiian Tropic suncare line are vegan and cruelty free, formulated with 100% mineral filters. The Mineral range uses zinc oxide naturally derived to form a protective shield on the surface of the skin, acting as a barrier against UV rays. The references in this range of mineral sunscreens are suitable for the most sensitive skin, which is not very tolerant to chemical filters. Lightweight, hydrating, and water-resistant formulas are enriched with Hawaiian botanicals, including kukui, guava, and coconut. Here are the two references of the range:

  • Solar cream with SPF 15 and 30, price from €16.99;
  • face milk with SPF 30 protection, price €13.99.
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Sun Mineral Hawaiian Tropic


Next we move on to the Aloha Care Hawaiian Tropic line. Equipped with a ultra light texture and with a formula that’s free of environmentally-friendly fats and sunscreens, Aloha Care sunscreens are designed to be invisible on the skin, leaving it velvety and non-greasy. The line includes 3 references:

  • body cream with SPF 15 and 30, price €10.90 and €12.90;
  • face lotion matifying with SPF 30, price €16.90.

Aloha Care Hawaiian Tropic


Have you ever stopped even on the beach? Between a game of beach volleyball and a racket tournament, here is the best protection for the skin: the Island Sport line from Hawaiian Tropic! The products promise light texture and super absorbable, breathable and also sweat resistant. The range includes 2 products designed for the needs of beach sports enthusiasts:

  • sun milk SPF 15 and 30, price from €12.99;
  • spray continuous with 360º dispenser SPF 15 and 30, price €13.80.

Hawaiian Tropic Sports Sunscreens


The Hawaiian Tropic Duo Defense line is designed for a double defense against the harmful effects of the sun andPollution. Enriched with antioxidant green tea extracts, the Duo Defense by Hawaiian Tropic sunscreens want to pamper the skin with pleasantly silky and softening textures. We can choose between 4 references:

  • Solar cream with SPF 15, 30 and 50, price from €12.48;
  • refreshing spray SPF 15, price €13.11.

Hawaiian Tropic Elevated Sunscreen


The brand’s Silk Hydration line is one of the most popular, thanks to its formula enriched with luxurious silk ribbons. intensely hydrating, glycerin and antioxidant ingredients. With an irresistible exotic scent, Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration sunscreens want to leave the skin feeling velvety smooth and nourished for up to 12 hours, as well as sheltered from the sun. In the range we find 7 proposals:

  • Solar cream with SPF 15, 30 and 50, price from €9.75;
  • spray continuous with 360º dispenser SPF 15, 30 and 50, prices from €14.99;
  • face spray milk with SPF 30, price €8.39.
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Solar Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration


The Hawaiian Tropic Sensitive Skin line is specific for more delicate skin, sensitive and who need protection. Fragrance free and oil free, has a light and quickly absorbable consistency. The formula is hypoallergenic and designed to fight premature aging. Sensitive Skin includes two references with SPF 50:

  • face sunscreenprice €14.89;
  • body sunscreenprice €11.50.

Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen for sensitive skin


If in addition to a protected skin we also want a radiant finish, which enhances the tan even more, the Satin Protection line is the one we need! Waterproof formulas enriched with vitamins C and E and shea butter, light textures and a gourmet fragrance of coconut and tropical fruits. We just have to choose among the many proposals:

  • lotion spray SPF 8 and 20, price from €10.90;
  • spray continuous with 360º dispenser SPF 15 and 30, prices from € 13.10;
  • body cream with SPF 15, 30 and 50, prices from €9.31.

Hawaiian Tropic Illuminating Solar


If the objective is an incredible tan, it is better to rely on Hawaiian Tropic sun oils! The line includes many references, all from the formula moisturizing and nourishing thanks to the presence of coconut and argan oil, shea butter and a complex of antioxidant vitamins. In addition, they are all very fragrant! Here is the full range:

  • dry spray oil with SPF 30, price €15.85;
  • tanning oil tropical without protection or with SPF 2, 4 and 6, prices from €8.64;
  • solar in protective dry oil with SPF 8.15 and 20, price from €17.90;
  • dry spray oil continuous with 360º dispenser SPF 10 and 30, prices from €11.54;
  • dry spray oil continuous with 360º dispenser, argan oil and SPF 6 and 15, prices from €12.49.
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Hawaiian Tropic Sun Oils


A must-have in our beach bag is the Hawaiian Tropic BB cream, one of the best BB cream legacies on the market! It is equipped with SPF 30 and has a formula rich in velvety and silky ingredients, while thecaramel extract sublimates the complexion. It can also be used on the arms and décolleté, it can also be applied to the face in case of unforeseen appointments, thanks to its fluid texture of mattifying finish!

Hawaiian Tropic BB Cream


A delicate area like the lips needs it special protection. For this reason, the Hawaiian Tropic solar range also includes two specific products for their treatment:

  • protective balm SPF 30, with aloe vera, coconut butter and vitamin complex, price €9.99;
  • lip gloss Island Berry with SPF 25, moisturizing and fragrant, price €9.38.

Hawaiian Tropic Lip Sunscreen


To end our sun party, here is Hawaiian Tropic’s rich after-sun proposal: body butter, super refreshing aloe gel and post-exposure milk, to restore skin damaged by salt, chlorine and heat. Here are all the Hawaiian Tropic after-sun references, very fragrant and sensory:

  • gel-lotion Air Soft Silk Shea Butter Hydration, price €16.40;
  • Body Butter Exotic coconut with aloe and nourishing butters, price €9.44;
  • Body Butter Lima Colada with moisturizing butters and refreshing aloe, price €12;
  • refreshing gel and soothing aloe, specific for sunburn, price €9.90.

Hawaiian tropic after the sun.


All Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen products can be purchased online on this page of the Amazon site, some also on this Douglas e-commerce page. Sun products can also be purchased at the brand’s concessionary points of sale: perfumeries, beauty salons and large distribution chains.

Are you a sun and tanning lover? Which of these solar proposals do you think can do for you? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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