how many times a week is it useful to do this?

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Knowing how often to apply the face mask is essential for having clean, hydrated and radiant skin. In this guide we explain how often to do the face mask: it all depends on the type of mask and the needs of our skin!


The face mask is a hug you never give up! We know exactly how to apply the face mask and how to apply the cloth face masks. But sometimes doubts arise:how many times a week do the face mask?” or “when is it best to do the face mask?“. The answer to these questions is simple: there is no fixed rule! It all depends on the type of our skin and, above all, on the mask we want to apply. As a general rule, the face mask should be made twice a week, alternating the type of mask. Achieving and maintaining flawless skin requires varying treatments, depending on skin needs and texture preferences.

Face mask how many times a week


Skins are not all the same and therefore require different attention. The face mask is a concentrate of active ingredients to give to our skin 1 or 2 times a week. You should neither overdo it, stressing the skin, nor apply it occasionally, not providing it with the active ingredients it needs. In order not to be mistaken, you have to know your skin type and pay attention to the answers it gives us after application.

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In case of dry, dehydrated and inelastic skin, it is advisable to apply 2 masks per week. It is essential to apply the masks intensively firming and nourishingto restore tone and hydration to the skin, making it soft and velvety.


It is not easy to treat combination skin, struggling with dry and dehydrated areas and other oily areas with enlarged pores and excess sebum. In this case variety is the watchword. Alternate some masks purifying and hydrating a week is the best solution to unclog pores, balance sebum production and, at the same time, hydrate and smooth the skin.


The ideal solution for these types of leather are the purifying masksprovided they are enriched with ingredients moisturizing and soothing, to be applied once a week. Excessive cleansing alone could inflame the skin, causing it to produce even more sebum to protect itself, with the opposite result to that desired.


We give a increase nutrition and hydration for skin that fights the signs of aging! For this type of skin, it is good to use 2 masks per week, as long as they are effective moisturizing, plumping firmingto restore firmness, elasticity and volume to the face.


Sensitive and reactive skin must be treated with great delicacy. A maximum of two masks each is indicated for these skin types 7/10 daysalternating between scrubs, moisturizers And soothingto cleanse the skin of impurities and then restore the right degree of nutrition.

How often to do the face mask
Cloth face mask – photo: @bioearth_italy


How often can I do a clay mask?“, or “How often can I do a mask with hyaluronic acid? “. The answer to these questions lies in the ingredients contained in our favorite masks.


Moisturizing face masks can also be applied twice a week, if the skin needs them. Among the most effective ingredients we can find thermal water, glycerinealoe extract, hyaluronic acid, rose water and coconut, but also a bowl oils such as jojoba, almonds and argan. Among the best face masks, there are definitely fabric face masks, ideal for giving the skin a boost of hydration!

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If you’re wondering how often to do a clay mask, the answer is: once a week! Kaolin and the different qualities of clay are among the ingredients must have purifying masks due to their astringent and sebum-balancing action. Equally important are the acids, for example salicylic, mandelic and glycolic, and niacinamide, for their renewing action on the skin. In this case, the advice is to apply these masks every 7/10 days.


Nourishing masks are a lifesaver, but as they say too much Good luck! To avoid overloading the skin with ingredients that are too rich, treat yourself to a mask with hyaluronic acid or al collagen or enriched with squalane, once a week. Equally nutritious ingredients are oils, especially avocado, olive and argan, and buttersfirst shea butter.


licorice extract, Vitamin C, retinol: let’s remember them, when we are looking for an illuminating or anti-dark spot mask! This type of mask, especially if it is retinol-based, should be applied as much as possible once a week preferably in the evening, so as not to attack the skin. If used during the day, they need a moisturizer with SPF, as they can have a photosensitizing effect.


Increasingly popular, night masks can be an exceptional solution for those who have little time to spare during the day. Can also be used as an alternative to cream, apply twice a week about 20 minutes before bedtime. They are rich in ingredients regenerating and nourishing such as peptides, vitamin E, squalane and hyaluronic acid, but also soothing and hydrating such as floral waters, chamomile, lavender and gotu kola.

Face Mask Ingredients


Face mask: when to do it?
It depends on the type of mask. Those who need an injection of energy and tone can apply the mask in the morning, after cleansing. If, on the other hand, the goal is not just to relax, but to pamper more tired and stressed skin, it is better to choose the evening and the night, to enjoy the benefits of rest and wake up with regenerated skin.

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Can you make two masks in one day?
Yes on. It begins with a purifying mask to free pores and cleanse the skin of impurities and pollution residues and continues with a moisturizing, soothing or nourishing mask, depending on the needs and skin type.

Can I apply several masks at the same time?
Sure! The skin of our face can have different needs depending on the area and therefore it can be functional to apply different masks. For example, a purifying mask on the T-zone and a moisturizing or anti-aging mask on the outside of the face. Or an all-over exfoliating mask and hydrating eye patches.

Should the mask be applied all over the face?
Unless otherwise specified, always avoid the eye area, especially when using purifying, exfoliating or anti-blemish masks. In fact, they might be too aggressive for such a delicate area. For this area, special masks are preferred, such as moisturizing or decongestant patches or gel masks.

Face mask: how long should you keep it on?
We advise you to always respect the shutter speeds indicated on the packaging of the mask. Usually the shutter speed varies by 5 minutes, in the case of masks glowat a maximum of 15-20 minutes.

We hope our guide on how many times a week to make a face mask was helpful! Do you use face masks? How many times a week can you do them? Tell us your opinions and habits in the comments!

Everything you need to know about face masks and their correct application, for wow-looking skin!

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