How to tan naturally in summer and at home: 10 tips

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The summer season is upon us and soon we will be able to enjoy our beautiful sea and our magnificent beaches. But if for many of us the sea and the beach are synonymous with idleness and siesta under the parasol, for others they mean a goal: a tan.

Do you want to come home from vacation with a truly perfect tan? Or maybe even be able to get it from home? Here are 10 tips on how to tan evenly, healthily and without risk to the skin.

1. Stay in the shade

Although it seems counterintuitive, the first and perhaps most important tip on how to tan is to stay in the shade, especially during the first shows of the season. If you are at home, you can very well use a garden umbrella as shelter, or simply avoid being exposed to the hours when the sun is strongest, that is to say between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Make sure you are completely in the shade (even your legs and feet!) to avoid very painful localized burns.

2. Always use sunscreen

It seems obvious to many of us, yet the beaches are teeming with people with burnt skin at the end of a day at the beach. So here we repeat a sacrosanct principle of any tan lover: sunscreen is very important to protect your skin from UV rays, which are simply harmful, and therefore to keep it always healthy and beautiful. Also remember to follow the instructions indicated on the packaging and repeat the application every two hours.

3. Choose the SPF that suits you best

This advice is directly related to the first. It’s not enough to use just any sunscreen, maybe one that has a minimum protection factor and is sprinkled with bronzer. During the first exposure to the sun, it is always preferable to use a very high protection factor, like 50, then gradually descend. However, this is the case if your skin is not very fair, as is the case with red or blonde hair phenotypes. In this case, it is better to stay on a high SPF.

4. Hydrate

Drinking water is important for our body, and it is even more so when we are exposed to the sun and the heat. So, when lying down to tan, remember to to drink fresh water frequently. The ideal is to always have an insulated bag or an insulated bottle on you in which you can keep your water cool for more practicality. Beware of alcohols: they do not replace water.

5. Eat foods that activate melanin production

Did you know that certain foods have a stimulating effect on the production of melanin, and therefore help us to tan better and faster? Let’s talk about the fruits and vegetables with red and orange highlights (such as cherries, carrots, apricots, strawberries, melons, tomatoes and peppers), but also lettuce and chicory.

6. Get moving

No no, this is not an article on how to lose weight but of course on how to tan! While it may sound strange, in fact, spending the day roasting on a towel might not be the best way to get that perfect tan. Moving around on the beach, such as playing beach volleyball or beach tennis, will allow the sun to hit your skin more evenly, giving you a fantastic tan (and a fitter body!).

7. Tanning oil yes or no?

Dusting with tanning oil and exposing yourself to the sun for 12 consecutive hours is one of the classic kamikaze recipes for an ultra strong tan. Best avoided if you don’t want to end up with permanent skin damage and an uneven tan. Many products on the market actually color the skin with pigments, or even stain it, without protecting it from UV rays. Fortunately, it is also possible to find oils with a protective factor and a stimulating effect, which you can use when the tan has already started, and not from the first exposures.

8. Patience is the virtue of beauty

Summer is long so it is useless to expose yourself to the sun for a long time the first time. The risks of a painful sunburn are indeed much higher. Instead, try slowly building up your tan by starting with a few short exposures of about 1 to 2 hours, and especially not during the hottest hours as mentioned above. Rather prefer the time slot that goes from 8 to 11 and after 17.

9. Put on your sunglasses

The eyes are also fragile and sensitive to light and sunlight. So while you’re lying down to tan, wear certified sunglasses that guarantee optimal protection.

10. Train your skin with an artificial tan

If you’re really into tanning, you might want to consider going to a beauty salon and using equipment with UV lamps. You will come to the rendezvous with the summer already with a nice tan and your skin will already be more used to it and will be less likely to burn you. independently chooses and recommends products and services that can be purchased online or through expert advice. Each time a purchase is made through one of the links in the text, receives a commission without any change in the final price.

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