Kettlebell exercises for beginners

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Let’s find out what it is, how to choose it and what are the best kettlebell exercises for those who are just starting to use this tool.

Apparently, it’s a very simple tool: a cast iron ball (but there are also neoprene ones) with a handle. It is also relatively inexpensive: the price starts at around ten euros.
But it is very versatile and allows you to train in a balanced way the whole body, so much so that it is used both by athletes and in military training.

Let’s talk about the kettle bell: recently it has had a lot of success (especially during confinement) but in reality it has very ancient origins (some even say that it dates back to the time of ancient Egypt).

Kettlebell training: what benefits does it have?

It’s a kind of single drive: the movements are learned quickly. Yet it manages to combine the advantages ofbodybuilding to benefits of cardiovascular activity:

  • involved different muscle groups that they work in synergy and are stimulated from different angles
  • develop at the same time Obligate that resistance And coordination
  • stimulates the metabolism and help burn fat
  • compensates deficit caused by other sports
  • strengthen the device Skeletal muscle

Are there any contraindications to kettlebell exercises?

Although very safe and with a low injury rate, it is a type of training not recommended to those who suffer from back problems such as hernias or low back pain.

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How to choose the right kettlebell for you?

Are you a sports athlete?
You can already use a 16 kg tool, up to 32 kg depending on your level of preparation.

You are a man?
You can use a kettlebell ranging from 12-16 kg up to 24 kg, gradually increasing the weight as you increase your training level.

Are you a woman?
Start with a 4 kg kettlebell. Then go to an 8 kg: you can go up to 12-16 kg.

kettle bell

5 kettlebell exercises for beginners*

* It is important to pay close attention to the execution to avoid injury

Before you begin, do some general heating.


Stand up, legs slightly apart. Hold the kettlebell with your right hand, wrap it around your body at waist level, then pass it to your left hand. Change as you spin it.
This exercise serves as a familiarize yourself with the tool learn a handle it properly.


Stand with your legs hip-width apart and your feet firmly in place. Grasp the kettlebell with both hands.
Bend your knees slightly, pull your buttocks back slightly and Keep your back straight.
Bring the kettlebell between your legs, arms straight. Inspire. As you exhale, extend your legs and bring the kettlebell forward, extending your arms and reaching shoulder height. Continue swinging it, keeping your back straight and tight, doing 15 reps for 3 sets.


Starting position: Standing with legs hip-width apart, hold the kettlebell in one hand and bring it between the legs raising the opposite arm high. The weight is in the center of the body. Slightly bend the knees and bring the buttocks a little.
Inspire. Now exhale and push your pelvis forward. Bring the kettlebell forward and as soon as the tool has passed the hips bring it back towards the torso by rotating the weight around the wrist. The elbow is close to the trunk.

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Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and your toes slightly apart. Hold the kettlebell with your back straight and bring it towards your chest. Go down with both legs, bringing your butt backwards. The knee should not go past the line of the toes. The abdominals always remain tense.
Body weight should be placed on the heels. Then return to your feet with your back straight.
Do 15 reps for 3 sets, with one minute rest after each set.


Stand up, legs together. Hold the kettlebell with your right hand like a suitcase. Bring your right leg forward and bend it so that the opposite knee almost touches the floor. Return to your feet and repeat the same movement with your left, alternating. Do 15 repetitions then change the hand you hold the kettlebell with.

Here are some of the best kettlebells to start training:

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