Layla The Longer The Better mascara spot: controversy and apology

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The advertisement for Layla The Longer The Better mascara is at the center of controversy, criticism, indignant comments and even an injunction. Let’s find out what happened and see the video of the ad together, waiting to understand how the matter will evolve.


Layla Cosmetics, the historic Milanese beauty brand, is at the center of a bitter controversy. The scandal stone is the ad for Layla The Longer The Better Extra Black mascara that aired on Mediaset TV channels. The video sparked outrage and outrage.

What happened? Layla broadcast a commercial where among the protagonists were black men, completely naked, with the writing on their skin”Longer Better(meaning “more is better”). The company is accused of having led to the perpetuation of stereotypes and prejudices sexual and racist.

Babila Spagnolo, CEO of the brand and protagonist of the advertisement with the dancers, responded by explaining the position of Layla Cosmetics and rejecting the accusations, but the irritation did not subside. Controversies and comments turned intoofficial injunction by the Institute for Advertising Self-Regulation (IAP).

Layla The Longer Better Extra Black Mascara


To understand what we are talking about, let’s look at the advertisement. The scene opens with the CEO of the brand determined to make up with the new mascara The Longer The Better Extra Black, while six completely naked black dancers show the writing on the skin “Longer Better”, complaint promotion. The controversy and comments accuse the company of sexualization bodies, racism and the perpetuation of stereotypes. The subject of the dispute is the choice to associate a product formulated to last a long time with the prejudice linked to black men. Here is the video we are talking about so much!

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Through its CEO Babila Spagnolo, the brand initially dismissed the claims. The response did not quell the controversy, indeed it soured the comments part of the brand community and beyond, disappointed by the display of insensitivity. The story seems far from over: to complicate the situation comes the injunction of theInstitute for Advertising Self-Regulation (IAP) which defines advertising as undermining the dignity of the person.

A live broadcast on social networks is now expected in which Babila Spagnolo will further clarify the history and position of the brand.

What do you think of the buzz caused by the ad for Layla The Longer The Better mascara? Have you ever seen the video at the center of the scandal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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