MAC x Stranger Things Netflix Makeup Collection

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Dark and light compete for center stage in the fantastic MAC x Stranger Things Netflix makeup collection, with colors popping side by side with darker undertones.


Let’s take a leap into the imaginary American city of Hawkins to fully breathe the atmosphere and the mood Stranger Things, with the fourth season online from May 27! The series created by the Duffer Brothers is the protagonist of the new MAC Stranger Things Netflix makeup collection, which catapulted us into the world of Michael, Eleven, Will, Dustin, Caleb and Max. MAC’s Collaboration With Stranger Things Offers Fans Of The Show The Opportunity To Immerse In80s pop-retro vibesurrounded by the aura of darkness and mystery of the uncharted world of the Upside Down.

MAC Stranger Things Netflix
MAC Stranger Things Netflix makeup collection – photo: @maccosmetics

MAC Cosmetics is the official brand of reconcile of the hit Netflix product. It was therefore inevitable to create a makeup collection inspired by the sets of the series, which mixes comedy, horror and science fiction! The collection is meant to represent the two parallel universes that intertwine in the story of the show. On the one hand we find an eye shadow, lip gloss and blush palette with pack green vegetables, for looks that take you back to the legendary 80s in the halls of Hawkins High School. At the same time, there are as many make-up products from black and red packs, inspired by the dark world of the Upside down with which the protagonists relate outside of school. Get ready to enter the worlds of the MAC x Stranger Things Netflix makeup collection!

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MAC Stranger Things Netflix Makeup Collection
MAC Cosmetics Stranger Things Netflix lip gloss – photo: @maccosmetics
Makeup MAC Stranger Things Netflix
Do your makeup with MAC Stranger Things Netflix makeup products – photo: @maccosmetics


The two Netflix Stranger Things eyeshadow palettes from MAC Cosmetics differ in their packaging, colors and packs and are the symbol of the double life of the protagonists of the series. The outer packaging of the pallet Hawkins class of 1986 highlights the woods around the American town, where Eleven finds refuge for a while by feeding on her own waffles favourites. The cover containing the palette The voidInstead, it reminds us that reality always has two sides, presenting the same scenario from the dark perspective of the Upside Down.

MAC Cosmetics Netflix Stranger Things Palette

MAC Eye Makeup Stranger Things Netflix

Both palettes contain eight multi-finish pods, inspired by the different sets of the series and with names that will make Stranger Things fans smile. The finishes are divided between velvety and opaque matte and luminous kiss powder metallic dazzleshadow extreme, rich in ultra-shiny pigments.

MAC Netflix Stranger Things Eyeshadow Palette

MAC Stranger Things Eye Palette


The palette pack is characterized by the color forest green, emblem of the school attended by the boys, surmounted by coat of arms Hawkins Tigers, high school football team. The vertical design is designed to make the eyeshadow palette look like a school notebook!

Stranger Things Eyeshadow Palette Netflix MAC

Let’s see in detail i pop colors eyeshadows from the Hawkins Class of 1986 palette:

  • Dingusduochrome lime and gold, dazzleshadow extreme;
  • Palace Arcadepurple eggplant, extreme dazzleshadow
  • Melvald’s General Storeaqua blue, extreme dazzleshadow;
  • Starcourt Shopping Centerpowder pink, matte powder kiss;
  • Benny’s Burgerbiscuit brown, powder matte matte;
  • Hawkins Highforest green, matte powder;
  • Surfer boy pizzabutter color with golden shimmer, dazzleshadow extreme;
  • USS Butterscotchcaramel color with gold and silver reflections, extreme dazzleshadow.
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MAC Eyeshadow Palette


The Void palette leads to the exploration of the mysterious Upside down. The dominant colors of the pack are gradient black and red, accented with embossed black veins that stand out against the packaging. The atmosphere becomes dark and worrying: it’s a sign that I Demogorgons and its boss Mind Flayer are getting closer!

Stranger Things Palette MAC

Here are all the shades of The Void eyeshadow palette, to intensify with a good eye base, to create subversive and transformative looks:

  • The mother gateteal and duochrome plum, extreme dazzleshadow;
  • The voidpure black, kiss powder matte;
  • Demo batshiny military green, extreme dazzleshadow;
  • code redmatte of rust-colored powder;
  • Demogorgondull lilac, matte powdery;
  • House Creelnavy blue with bluish reflections, extreme dazzleshadow;
  • Sporescool white, extreme dazzleshadow;
  • Mind Flayersilver base with highlights ton on ton and olive green, extreme dazzleshadow.

MAC eye shadow


MAC Netflix Stranger Things Makeup Collection Blushes are available in two color variants starting at finishing mat. The blusher compact powder is enriched with Vitamin E with moisturizing and emollient properties for the skin. Let’s see the two shades available, designed to give a natural complexion:

  • friends don’t liebaby pink;

Blush MAC Stranger Things

MAC pink blush

  • He likes it coldsienna color.

MAC Stranger Things Netflix blush

MAC blush


To definitely get the retro charm that inspires the MAC Stranger Things Netflix collection, you need comfort lip makeup that, despite the vintage character, perfectly matches current makeup trends! MAC Lip Glass is available in bright but intense colors, perfect to represent the two parallel realities of the television series. The formula contains process ingredients for the lips, including nourishing jojoba oil, according to current beauty trends. Lip glasses, as the name suggests, have a luminous finish glass effect. Let’s see the colors:

  • strange IElight pinkish brown;
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MAC lip gloss

MAC lip gloss

  • Excellent EricaCoral red

MAC Colored Lip Gloss

  • rocking robincrimson red;

MAC red lip gloss

MAC Stranger Things Netflix Lip Gloss


The limited edition MAC Stranger Things Netflix makeup collection will be on sale soon on this page of the brand’s official website. We hope to see it also available on this Douglas e-commerce page and on this page of the Lookfantastic site.

Do you like the new MAC makeup collection? Do you follow the popular Netflix series Stranger Things? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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