Makeup Revolution Summer 2022: Hot Shot Makeup Collection

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The Makeup Revolution Summer 2022 Hot Shot makeup collection is full of makeup products that immediately take us on vacation!


Flamboyant passion fruit, exotic fruits and miraculous drinks: Hot Shot is the new Makeup Revolution Summer 2022 makeup collection with a super summer scent! Hot Shot collection makeup references include eyeshadow and highlighter palettes delicately scented, flamboyant lip glosses and a primer infused with prodigious natural ingredients. All products in the Makeup Revolution Hot Shot makeup collection are, as usual for the brand, certified vegan and cruelty free.

Makeup revolution summer 2022

The Hot Shot makeup collection favors very bright colors side by side with more muted shades, perfect for improve tanned complexions. The atmosphere of the references brings us to a beautiful tropical landscape, lying on the beach sipping kombucha while enjoying fresh fruits. Let’s discover all Makeup Revolution Summer 2022 makeup products!

Makeup Revolution makeup collection summer 2022
Makeup Revolution Hot Shot Eyeshadow & Gloss Palette Summer 2022 – Photo: @makeuprevolution


Abandoned smokey eyes makeup with dark shades, we let ourselves go to the summer season light colours and bright! With the Kombucha Kiss eyeshadow palette, that’s it: the 16 pods include shades ideal for highlighting golden complexions and creating energetic yet sophisticated looks.

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Makeup Revolution Eye Palette

Makeup Revolution Summer 2022 eye makeup colors embrace red shades and orange like Fiery, flanked by golden, peach and brown tones like Heating Up, Spice and Heat. All of these colors combined with transitional eye shadows in matte and shimmer finishes, is all you need to create a vivid yet elegant makeup, perhaps creating a beautiful brown eye makeup on a skin tone. tanned!

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches Makeup Revolution Eye Palette


Summer brings out our passionate or carefree side. No problem, Hot Shot palettes help to fully express our personality! The two mini palettes are composed of 9 eyeshadows matte and shimmering, in a compact and practical pack to always have with us.

Makeup Revolution makeup collection summer 2022

Let’s see the colors of the two eyeshadow palettes, which can be accentuated with a good eye base:

  • passion fruit firewith pink undertones, with fiery red and apologetic crimson and lilac and pearly reflections;

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Mini Palette

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Swatches

  • watermelon breezewith pop shades of green and pink undertones, flanked by cream and wisteria and emerald green highlights.

Makeup Revolution Mini Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Summer Eye Palette

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Swatches


Inspired by the name of the natural drink that was the elixir of life for the Chinese emperors, the Kombucha Glow face palette is the partner in crime bright eyes! the four pods of the palette are designed to reveal pigment tones that suit all skin types.

Makeup Revolution Highlighter Palette

Makeup Revolution Summer 2022 face makeup offers complexions illuminated by a veil of sparkling color with a luminous effect. The four pods are designed to blend easily thanks to the texture halfway between powder and cream, ideal for face makeup with a glass skin effect. Here are the colors of the Kombucha Glow face palette in detail followed by the swatches:

  • Tropicgilt bronze;
  • Iceplatinum gold;
  • Shinegolden champagne;
  • Darlinggolden mother-of-pearl color.
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Makeup Revolution Face Palette

Swatches Makeup Revolution Face Palette


The most passionate and fiery soul of the Hot Shot makeup collection is left to Makeup Revolution Summer 2022 Lip Makeup! Volumizing Lip Shots are enriched with ginger and chilliformulated to give an effect to the lips plumping light and natural. These products are perfect if you are asked how to naturally have fuller lips.

Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss

Lip Shot lip glosses are formulated in such a way that the tingling sensation due tovolumizing effect not excessive, but delicate and bearable. Let’s take a closer look at the two shades, both with a clear vinyl finish:

  • pink heatvery light baby pink;

Makeup Revolution volumizing lip gloss

Makeup Revolution Lip Makeup

  • Red flamelight red with an orange base.

Makeup Revolution Volumizing Lip Gloss

Makeup Revolution Lip Makeup

Makeup Revolution lip gloss swatches


Achieving an excellent beauty routine is functional for the health of the skin but also to obtain a perfect make-up base by applying the face base! Welcoming the 2022 beauty trends, the face base of the Hot Shot collection combines make-up and care thanks to the presence of treatment ingredients, such as peach and kombucha extracts. The primer is formulated to reduce redness of the skin, moisturize it and prepare it for makeup, extending its duration. The desired effect is healthy, glowing skin, to work on with our favorite makeup products!

Makeup Revolution Primer


The Makeup Revolution Summer 2022 makeup collection is already available on this page of the English brand’s official website. We remind you that on the official Revolution Beauty website the shipping costs are free for orders over 49 euros.

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What do you think of Makeup Revolution’s summer makeup collection? What product do you want to buy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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