Nabla Angel Aura foundation primer

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Let’s discover the Nabla Angel Aura face primer, designed to combine perfect makeup hold and sublimated skin.


Good news to Nabla! The Italian brand debuts Angel Aura, its first face primer, with the aim of shaking up the industry. Angel Aura is more than just a primer to improve makeup hold. In full trend hybrid cosmeticsAs 2022 beauty trends demand, the Nabla foundation promises to combine the best of make-up and skincare. We are sure that those who love skinimalism will fall in love with this novelty!

Nabla Angel Aura foundation primer

Angel Aura Nabla Foundation

Nabla Basic Face Pack


Designed to fit all skin types, Nabla Angel Aura wants to make the skin immediately smoother, plumped and radiant, thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid. Of a golden peach pink color and a jelly texture Similar to that of a face serum, the Nabla Angel Aura base promises maximum versatility of use. In addition to being a primer, it can be used alone as the last step in your skincare routine, to give light and hydration on the skin, but also to refresh the skin as needed throughout the day, applying it to the cheekbones for an illuminating effect. A versatile product, already on the list of the most interesting new face primers to try!

Nabla Angel Aura Serum Primer

Nabla serum base

Nabla Foundation


Among the strengths of the new Nabla foundation there is certainly its vegan and cruelty free formula rich in active ingredients elasticizer And invigorating. In addition to hyaluronic acid and glycerin we find nonapeptide-1with a smoothing effect, damask rose watersoothing and rich in antioxidant elements, and a to mix together ingredients of natural origin with a protective and revitalizing effect, including extracts of caesalpinia spinosa And kappaphycus alvareziialso known as sea foam.

Nabla primary certifications

Nabla Basic Facial Formula

Nabla Primer Ingredients

Nabla Foundation

Nabla Cosmetics foundation primer


Characterized by a color peach-golden completely transparent on the face, the Nabla foundation promises to give a finish to any complexion dewy in a perfect glass skin style. Non-comedogenicalso adapts to the male beauty routine, as Nabla’s various before-after examples show!

Nabla foundation texture

Before and after Nabla primer

Primer Nabla before and after


The new Angel Aura Nabla foundation is available for purchase on the brand’s official website and on this page of the Sephora website at the price of 30 euros. On the occasion of the launch, Angel Aura is 20% off on the Sephora site and on the official Nabla site, which has activated the AURA20 promo until May 29.

What do you think of this Nabla face serum base? Do you like products with a luminous finish or do you prefer 100% matte makeup? Let us know your opinions and preferences in the comments!

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