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We can devote ourselves to 360 degree skin care with the new Pupa body products, with a beauty routine that improves our body.


Are you looking for a complete body beauty routine to treat the most common imperfections? The Pupa lines dedicated to the body were born to learn to appreciate the our image reflected in the mirror, learning to heal her and love her. No part of the body is neglected! Arms, buttocks and legs receive the attention needed to firm, tone and hydrate the skin. Combined with Pupa skincare routine products, the body lines of the Milanese brand build a total beauty routine for face and body!

Pupa Body Beauty Routine

Pupa body beauty routine
Pupa beauty rituals are based on the idea that each area of the body needs specific care and attention. The principle is the same as for physical activity: to train effectively different parts of the body need to be exercised ad hoc. Thus for the legs, buttocks, breasts and arms the brand offers products formulated to treat specific problems. All of this is backed by formulas that are as clean as possible with up to 98% natural ingredients, free of parabens, nickel tested, clinically and dermatologically tested. Following the approach green, the reference packs are 100% recyclable. Let’s discover all the Pupa products for the body beauty routine!

Pupa beauty routine body products

Pupa body beauty routine


training enhancement of body beauty di Pupa begins with products designed to tone and reshape the body. Vegetable extracts and oils are the protagonists of this line of references, mixed to offer the best draining action on the body.


Pink Himalayan salt is as good in cooking as it is in Pupa body scrub! Scrub Me exfoliates the skin thanks to the action of grains of pink salt, naturally draining. It works to slough off dead surface cells, freeing the skin of excess fluid. Camellia extract, on the other hand, fights oxidative stress cells while natural oils nourish the skin. The formula works to stimulate microcirculation, reduce swelling and restore tone, firmness and softness to the skin.

Pupa body scrub


Are droopy arms and “bat wings” our worst nightmare? The Re-Shampe My Arms cream treatment helps to lift the skin and therefore the mood! presents a gelatinous texture and refreshing, which facilitates the tensor effect of bearberry extract. How it works? By absorbing fat stores and inhibiting the generation of new adipose tissue. The goal is to regain toned arms over time and fortified in their skin structure. This cream should be applied daily to the inside of the arms with a vigorous massage from the elbow to the armpit.

Firming arm cream Pupa


The watchword of the Re-Shape slimming body cream: without excess! Orange, carnitine and caffeine extracts work in synergy to promote draining action and microcirculation. In addition, they help the body eliminate fluids as well burn fatty tissue deposits. The treatment should be applied daily, with particular emphasis on prepared areas loss of tone or tendency to accumulate. The cream promises a slimmed and firmed figure already after a month of use. Most ? The fresh and light texture, easy to apply.

Pupa slimming body cream


The Never Again active gel aims to prevent cellulite from reappearing over time, preserving the results achieved. The formula contains a bowl plant extracts blended to remove the accumulation of lipids, preventing their formation. In addition, hyaluronic acid with different molecular losses allows the gradual release of the principle in the dermis. The gel-cream should be applied daily with a circular massage from top to bottom, pressing lightly to promote the draining action.

Pupa anti cellulite cream


The volumizing line of Pupa body products for the beauty routine bets on our shapes and curves. Like, how? Revealing them in all their beauty. The main ingredient is volufiline, a natural extract of Asian gardenia with a volumizing effect!


This cream contains volufiline which stimulates the accumulation of lipids, promoting an increase in breast volume. The formula is designed to fight against sagging skin. Peptide-rich African Kijelia extract works to harden intensely. The promise? Modeling the breasts over time, making them firm and turgid. To achieve visible results, it is necessary to apply the fluid 2 times a day for about 8 weeks. Circular massages should be done from the base of the breast upwards, avoiding the nipple area. Push Me Up cream is available in three versions:

  • Push Me Up Cream150 ml format, price €46;

Pupa breast firming cream

  • Push Me Up Cream75 ml size, price €29;

Pupa breast firming cream

  • #Fast Push Me Up Creamhalves the time it takes to see visible results with technology skin timeprice 42 €.

Pupa firming cream


The Plump Me Up treatment promises to reveal firm, full and voluminous buttocks. Provided you are consistent in the daily application of the treatment! Volufiline is associated withfermented organic starch to promote the tightening and firming effect. The texture frozen frost it’s designed to be pleasantly cool and absorb quickly.

Pupa butt firming cream


The body beauty routine built by Pupa ends with a moment of extreme cocooning! Like any self-respecting beauty routine, the last step is to moisturize and to feed deeply the skin using natural and miraculous active oils.


This cream is called 1000 Uses All In One because it can be applied on the face, body and hands. A product versatile in tune with current trends! Let’s see the two types of creams from the Pupa moisturizing line:

  • All In One Nourishing Creamwith coconut and avocado oil to nourish and repair the driest skin, price €21;

Pupa nourishing cream

  • All in one moisturizerrich in hyaluronic acid is a booster of hydration, price 21€.

Pupa body cream


The Pupa beauty routine body products that we have presented to you can be purchased on this page of the brand’s official website.

Are you curious about the body beauty routine offered by Pupa? What products would you like to try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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