Palette 7 Shade Sigma Beauty: photos and samples

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The American brand’s best-selling eyeshadow palettes have a new, smaller version: the 7 Shade Sigma Beauty palettes!


What do mathematics and make-up have in common? The need to solve problems, to simplify our lives! The Greek letter Sigma in mathematics, it indicates the operation of the sum. The Sigma Beauty brand transposes this concept into the field of beauty, establishing the union between quality, functionality and innovation. Since 2009, Sigma Beauty has been committed to propose solutions to the most common needs between makeup addict and professionals. So, welcoming the requests of the brand’s fans, just like in the case of Pat McGrath with the Midnight Voyage mini palette, the company is launching the new 7 Shade palettes, travel size most popular Sigma Beauty eyeshadow palettes!

Sigma Beauty 7 Shade Palette

Sigma Beauty 7-shade palette


There are four palettes of 7 shades: Cor-De-Rosa, Enchanted, Ambiance and Warm Neutrals. For fans of the brand, the names sound familiar! It’s actually eyeshadow palettes Bestseller Sigma Beauty, offered in travel size practical and compact. The packs meet the objective, presenting themselves in a slender and elegant design: very comfortable to keep in your bag! Each palette contains 7 eyeshadows, a selection of the 14 shades from the original format. The eyeshadows are vegan and cruelty free, made in optics to clean beauty with clean and safe ingredients. The powders are formulated to obtain soft, tender like butter on the skin, releasing full, long-lasting color. Let’s take a closer look at the colors of the Sigma Beauty 7 Shade palettes with photos and makeup examples!

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Palette


The most romantic of the Sigma Beauty 7 Shade palettes is Cor-De-Rosa. It is inspired by the rose, the flower of love par excellence! THE colors of the seven eye shadows embrace soft shades of pink, brown and red in a mix of matte, shimmer and metallic finishes. The choice of shades makes it possible to create monochromatic eye makeup, playing with the shades to be amplified with the help of a good eye primer. Let’s take a closer look at the shades of the palette:

  • The beauty of the ballpinkish-beige shimmer;
  • Cor-de-Rosedusty rose carpet;
  • Campfiremedium pink metallic;
  • Medalliondull rust color;
  • Black nightmetallic raspberry pink;
  • Shakespearematte wine red color
  • bare rootmatte earth brown.

Sigma Beauty Palette

Sigma Beauty eye makeup


Magic and fantasy characterize the magnificent Enchanted eyeshadow palette! The palette includes 7 colors designed to transport us into thefantastic setting of an idyllic enchanted forest. The color range includes earthy shades alongside iridescent pink and silver for multiple eye makeup possibilities. The finishes are: matte, shimmer, metallic and frost, with duochrome pods perfect for making the mood magical. Here are the shades of the palette in detail:

  • Moonlightmauve rose frost;
  • Feathermetallic plum color;
  • Innocentmatte rosewood pink;
  • Metamorphosisduochrome pink and silver frost;
  • Claymatte mocha brown;
  • Groundcinnamon-colored carpet;
  • Buddingpink peony shimmer.

Sigma Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

Sigma Beauty eye makeup


Precious, refined and luminous: here is the Ambiance eyeshadow palette! The seven shades of the palette reflect the warm gold tones and the sun, reproducing the shimmer of metal and the blinding brilliance of stars. To mimic all this shine, the finishes chosen are matte, shimmering and metallic. Let’s see the shades of the Ambiance palette:

  • Dazedull sand color;
  • Chandelierrose gold metallic;
  • daylilymatte camel color;
  • By candlelightshimmer of gilded bronze;
  • Oasismatte milk chocolate brown;
  • Sunflowermetallic antique gold;
  • Sunspotmatte walnut brown.

Sigma Beauty Palette

Sigma Beauty eye makeup


Warm Neutrals is the most famous Sigma Beauty palette among the 7 Shades! The color range is built with warm nude colors from classics with a pink and brown base to copper and red tones. The palette wants to allow us to find our winning combination, mixing matte, shimmer, metallic and frosted finishes. Let’s see all the shades of the Warm Neautrals mini palette:

  • Charmerpowder pink frost;
  • Passion fruitmatte nude pink;
  • Radiantchampagne rose gold metallic;
  • Gateopaque golden beige;
  • bittersweetmetallic copper color;
  • Hennamatte pink-based brown;
  • Thugdull berry color.

Sigma Beauty Warm Neutrals Palette

Sigma Beauty eye makeup palette


The new Sigma Beauty 7 Shade palettes are available on this page of the Beauty Bay site at a price of 27.25 euros each.

We remind you that on the Beauty Bay site the shipping costs for Italy amount to 4.95 euros and the customs costs are already calculated in the final amount.

What do you think of the new Sigma Beauty eyeshadow palettes? What are your favourites? We look forward to reading your opinions in the comments!

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