Protein bread – healthy, nutritious and dietary

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What is the first advice you give to someone who wants to lose weight?
Reduce carbohydrates and increase your protein intake.

Often one of the first foods “forbidden” by nutritionists is White bread.
Although it is a carbohydrate like rice and pasta, the presence of yeast (which causes water retention and swelling) and del salt make it an “enemy” of food.

But you really have to give up to this fundamental food of the Mediterranean diet?

A good alternative may be to replace with the protein bread the “classic”: similar in texture and flavor, it has more compatible nutritional values with the need to limit carbohydrates, sugars and fats.

Protein bread: what is it?

Protein bread is a food obtained from a mix of seed and legume flours. The most used are those of sesame seeds, pumpkin, flax, soy.
Often small amounts of milk or plant-based milk, cereal flours (eg oatmeal), oilseeds (eg flax, chia or hemp seeds), whey protein or caseins are added .

The difference the most important thing with traditional bread isabsence of salt and brewer’s yeast.

The Importance of Protein

Maintaining a good protein intake is the key development and maintenance of our lean body massi.e. muscles.
The calories contained in proteins are better because they provide energy to the muscle by releasing it slowly.
Those taken with carbohydrates, on the other hand, if they are not burned quickly, they turn into fat accumulation. In addition, carbohydrates cause the glycemic peak, which in addition to generating drowsiness makes us feel hungry more quickly.

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This is why protein bread is also recommended for sportsmen and is increasingly popular with fitness enthusiasts and those who pay attention to their physical form.

The benefits of protein bread

Protein bread is an excellent solution to reduce the glycemic intake of our meals. In addition to containing fewer calories, and therefore also suitable for low-calorie diets, it allows you to eat in a more balanced way.

It’s a ideal food for:

– those who suffer from Type 2 diabetes
– the insulin resistant
– those who have pathologies rare genetics concerning carbohydrate metabolism such as GLUT1 deficiency syndrome (GLUT1-DS)
– in some cases it is also suitable for celiacs (but check that it does not contain wheat and gluten)
– who follows the ketogenic diet where hyper-protein
– the sportsmen which should increase the muscular mass (volume / mass on phase being defined)
– who needs a increased fiber intake

Classic bread vs. protein bread: nutritional values

To understand the difference between these two foods, let’s look at their macronutrients.
These are obviously average values, because the flours can differ, but in principle in 100 grams of plain bread we find:
carbohydrates: 40 – 90 g
protein: 3 – 10g
fat: 0-2
calorie: 300 – 400

Whereas in 100 grams of protein bread:
carbohydrates: 6-7g
protein: 20g
fat: 15
calorie: 250

As you can see, with the same amount the impact of protein bread on our diet it’s completely different. In addition to being really good, protein bread allows us to control calories, it doesn’t bother us And limit your sodium intake because it does not contain salt. Thanks to the presence of seeds allows us to eat good fats and finally it does not contain added sugars.

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Protein bread can be found already packaged and ready to use, or it can be made at home with very simple to use mixes. Here are some of the tastiest products we’ve tried:

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