School books at a reduced price -15% – Year 2021

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How to buy school books while saving money and avoiding queues
There is a moment that all parents fear, more than any other, when it comes to their children’s education. We are talking about the purchase of school books. Endless queues in the bookshop, sold out books, exaggerated spending.
Anyone who has or had children in elementary, middle or high school knows what we’re talking about.
Thanks to the Internet, however, the moment of buying books has become much easier. Saving on school texts is possible on Amazon.

Save on school books

Unfortunately, textbooks are often a sore point for most Italian families. With the start of the school year, you have to deal with the costs of purchasing textbooks. But you can save money whether your kids are in elementary, middle, or high school.
There are associations and cooperatives that allow you to save on the purchase of school books, if you decide to buy them from them or become an affiliate.
Often many teachers will report the latest edition of a book, but in most cases the content is the same as in previous editions. So, before making the purchase, make sure that the modifications are not too relevant.
Buying used books can be a great way to save money, but these books are not always kept in good condition. Sometimes students sell them through the information channels of the institute, in other cases they are found in flea markets and second-hand bookstores.
In this case, make sure they are actually in good condition.

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Buy books on Amazon

A great way to save on buying school books is to buy them directly from Amazon. Indeed, the famous online shopping site offers the possibility of buying books online for primary, middle and high school classes, with a 15% discount and receive them directly where you prefer, without queuing or wasting time. Not bad is not it ?
By going to the Amazon site you will find a graphic banner dedicated to this initiative, by clicking on it you will be directed to the site where once you have selected the region, the city, your school and the class to which you belong, you can find the texts requested by the teachers and you can select the ones you prefer, then you can buy them.
The books will end up in your Amazon shopping cart, where you can complete the payment transaction, along with the 15% discount.
To take advantage of this Amazon offer, you have until September 9, 2017. If you wish to purchase your textbooks in this way, we recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the promotion carefully beforehand. Shipping is free and insured.
What if you place a wrong order? Without fear. Books purchased can be returned free of charge until October 15
As is easy to guess, buying books on Amazon is very convenient, especially for those who do not want to stand in endless lines at the bookstore and want to save a little on school expenses, which are more and more expensive every year.

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We hope this article will help you save on the purchase of school books

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