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Overcoming the boredom of applying sunscreen is the goal of Ultra Violette’s Skinscreen products which include sunscreen for the face, lips, body and hands!


Fabulous days on the beach and the tan that reveals our skin in the evening! Remember to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays, although applying sunscreen can be a tedious ritual. Creams that are difficult to absorb, sticky, so full-bodied that they leaveodious ghost effect“On the skin are the reasons why we tend to postpone the fateful moment of applying protections! The Ultra Violette brand was born from the objective of overcoming these annoying side effects, specializing in sun protection for the face, body, hands and lips. Brightly colored, cheerful and intuitive bottles characterize the products, designed to capture attention and associate with the concept of sun protection. lightness and lightness. Let’s discover all the features of the Ultra Violette brand and its sunscreen products!

Ultraviolet sunscreen

Solar Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet solar products – @ultravioletteau


The Skinscreen Ultra Violet range of sunscreens offers easy-to-use products that not only protect against UVA and UVB rays, but help you achieve flawless, radiant and healthy-looking skin. Designed to fit easily into the beauty routine without interfering with the treatment steps, they are suitable for all skin types. The formulas contain antioxidant ingredients from Australia, ideal for illuminating, hydrating and nourishing the skin, in perfect harmony with active care. The products are designed to avoid the unsightly white oily patina on the skin. Coverage extends to infrared rays, blue light, visible light and pollution. Most ? Sunscreens are cruelty-free and do not contain parabens or oxybenzone.

Ultraviolet sunscreen

Ultra violet lip sunscreen


Introducing Queen Screen, one of the most popular Ultra Violette products that disguises sunscreen into a face serum with an effect glow! This serum offers broad-spectrum sun protection (SPF 50+) and is perfect for normal to dry skin. It has a milky texture that promises to blend seamlessly into the skin leaving it velvety and luminous and creating the perfect makeup base. Contains extracts of the Australian plant kakadu plum, a source of vitamin C, and Dragosine Plus with an elasticizing effect and protection against UV rays. In addition, it releases a pleasant rose scent on the skin!

Ultra Violet Face Sun Serum


In line with beauty trends and the skinimalism trend, Ultra Violette’s Supreme Screen face sunscreen is presented as a triple use product! It’s a facial sunscreen with SPF 50+, but it’s also formulated to hydrate as a cream and sets makeup as an excellent face primer. Suitable for normal to dry skin, it releases a fresh and delicate fragrance on the skin. This sunscreen promises to leave no white color behind, absorbing immediately and deeply hydrating the skin!

Ultra Violet face sunscreen


Delicate, oily or acne-prone skin? Ultra Violette sunscreens offer the Clean Screen sunscreen gel-cream, from jelly texture light and quickly absorbed. SPF 30 protection is guaranteed by the presence of titanium dioxide, a physical sunscreen that reflects UV rays. It does not contain alcohol or perfume, which makes the cream suitable even for sensitive skin. Formulated with pentavitine of vegetable origin with moisturizing action, it acts to plump and tone the skin of the face.

Ultra Violet face sunscreen


Ultra Violet sunscreens also have a solution for reactive skin, particularly intolerant to the sun or simply for those who prefer to use more delicate sunscreens on the skin! This is the Lean Screen face sunscreen, formulated with physical filters only, characteristic of many mineral sunscreens. SPF 50+, zinc, pentavitine, kakadu plum and the absence of perfume characterize the formula of this sunscreen. The promise? Give the face a light matte effectwithout making the skin sticky but leaving it soft and soothed.

Ultra Violet mineral sunscreen


The Korean beauty routine is based on strict rules: hydration and sun protection cannot be missing in the k-beauty routine! To achieve glass skin style skin there is the wonderful The Radiant Duo set which includes face sun serum Queen screen face sunscreen Supreme Screen SPF 50+, both in mini format. The perfect solar products to use in the city all year round!

Ultra Violet Solar Kits


Among the Ultra Violet sunscreen products, the Clean Screen and Lean Screen face creams are essential for reactive skin, delicate, oily or prone to acne! For this reason, the brand wants to offer the possibility of always having them at hand, keeping them comfortably in the bag. mini sizes of the Calming SPF Duo kit. Sensitive skin will thank you!

Ultra Violet SPF face cream set


Lip sunscreen has never been more on trend than with Sheen Screen Lip Balms! They unite SPF 50 hydration and nutrition, as required by current make-up trends, thanks to the presence of lanolin, Shea Butter and cocoa beans. They lightly color the lips in finish fire transparent. Let’s see the available colors of Ultra Violet lip balms:

Ultra Violet Lip Balm

Ultra Violet Lip Balm

Ultra Violet Tinted Lip Balm

  • shimmercolorless, with holographic shine.

Ultra Violet Lip Balm with SPF


Beyond the face, Ultra Violette products also protect the body and hands! Extreme Screen contains SPF 50+, aloe vera and vitamin E which soothe and protect against oxidative damage. The cream is formulated to deeply hydrate, resulting sheer on the body but leaving a luminous finish on the skin and a pleasant fragrance. It is formulated to be water and sweat resistant for up to 4 hours. However, let’s not forget that all sunscreens must be reapplied every 2 hours!

Ultra Violet body sunscreen


Reinventing the sunscreen industry is the goal of Bec Jefferd and Ava Matthews, founders of Australian brand Ultra Violette. Both women are getting into what they consider to be the most underrated beauty industry, trying to make it more captivating and trendy. Like, how? The answer is in the concept Skinscreen, from which the successful line of Ultra Violet sun products takes its name. The word represents the union between skincare and sun protection, which I believe is the basis of the brand. The project is based on the observation that wearing sunscreen is essential, not only in summer but all year long. However, no one is forcing us and we have a very bad consumer experience! Here is the “reform” put in place by Jefferd and Matthews: to create comfortable sunscreen products that do not interfere with other skincare products and blend well with makeup.

Ultra Violet sunscreen products
Ultra Violet solar line – @ultravioletteau


The Ultra Violette Skinscreen products that we have presented to you are available exclusively on this Sephora page, as well as mini format kits that include them. The only reference not yet available is the Extreme Screen body and hand cream: we think it will be available soon.

The solar can also be purchased on this page of the English site Space NK which ships to Italy in 4/9 working days with shipping costs of 5 euros, free for orders of 50 euros.

What do you think of Ultra Violette products? Which references correspond to you? We look forward to reading your opinions in the comments!

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