Solari Garnier: new products from Ambre Solaire

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Garnier sunscreens from the Ambre Solaire line are designed to provide adequate protection and a natural golden color all year round!


For many years, Garnier sunscreens have been among the most appreciated and purchased by Italians to protect the skin during sun exposure. Since 1935, the Ambre Solaire Garnier line has been dealing with sun protection for sensitive skin. In addition to studies on active skin protection, Ambre Solaire sunscreen products have for more than 15 years formulas tested in the marine environment, to assess the environmental impact. The new Safe Guard Tech formula is in fact based on the innovative Intelimer technology, which limits ocean pollution and the use of sunscreens.

Solar Garnier


The Garnier Safe Guard Tech formula effectively protects sensitive skin, adults and children. The filters are perfectly distributed over the surface of the skin forming an even layer that sets, does not run and it does not cause eye discomfort. Thanks to Netlock technology, oil droplets and Garnier sunscreen are trapped in microcrystals. The microcrystals form a resistant and flexible network on the skin: an ultra-thin layer which reinforces the effectiveness of UV filters. Resistant to water, sand and sweat, the references of the Ambre Solaire line provide protection against long UVB, UVA and UVA rays. They are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. In addition, with total respect for the environment, all major packaging is recyclable.

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Solar Garnier
Solaire Garnier Kids Ambre Solaire – photo: @garnieruk


The Advance Sensitive line protects against UVB, UVA and long UVA rays, preventing the immediate appearance of sunburn and skin lesions long term. Advance Sensitive Garnier references are characterized by high tolerance. The formulas hypoallergenic they are developed to minimize the risk of allergies. The texture penetrates in a few seconds, with a dry skin effect. The three most recent references in the range, all with protection factor 50+which are added to the products of the permanent range:

  • Advance Sensitive Sunscreen SPF 50+price €14.49;Garnier Advanced Sensitive Sun Cream
  • Advance Sensitive Trigger SPF 50+price €14.99;Garnier Advanced Sensitive Sun Spray
  • Advance Sensitive Spray SPF 50+price €14.49;Garnier 50+ sun spray


UV rays are indeed one of the main causes of premature aging of the skin and can accelerate the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles and loss of elasticity. Daily photoprotection all year round remains one of the best anti-aging prevention systems. The news of the season, the Anti-Aging UV Fluid SPF 50+ promises a comfortable and ultra-light texture. The formula is enriched with illuminating beads, to sublimate the skin of the face, and highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid. Garnier sunscreen is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic and without perfume.

Garnier Advanced Sensitive UV face cream


The Garnier Advanced Sensitive Kids range of sunscreens offers references to protect the skin of children and babies from sunburn and long-term skin damage. sunscreen Advanced Sensitive Kids SPF 50+ applies against UVB, UVA and long UVA rays. Sensitive Kids products are water and sweat resistant. I am anti sand, anti salt and anti chlorine and tested under pediatric and dermatological control. Here are the Garnier children’s solar proposals:

  • Advance Sensitive Kids Trigger SPF 50+price €13.49;Garnier children's sunscreen spray
  • Advance Sensitive Kids Sunscreen SPF 50+price €14.49;Garnier Kids Advanced Sensitive Cream
  • Advance Sensitive Kids Sunscreen SPF 50+ Mini Sizeprice €5.49;Garnier mini-size children's sunscreen
  • Advance Sensitive Kids Sun Milk SPF 50+price €14.49;Garnier Advanced Sensitive Kids Sun Lotion
  • Advanced Sensitive Kids Sun Spray SPF 50+without perfume or dyes, price €16.50.Garnier sun spray for children
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The Ambre Solaire range of Garnier sunscreens also includes protective sprays and milks, suitable for all skin types. Both contain SPF 30 against long UVA, UVB and UVA rays. The hypoallergenic formula includes Shea Butter ecological to nourish the skin. Hydra 24H Protect sun milk and spray are formulated to resist water, but like any sun cream, they must be reapplied after each bath. The light texture promises to immediately penetrate the face and body. The two proposals are:

  • Trigger Sprayprice €15.75;Sun spray Garnier Ambre Solaire
  • Protective Milkprice €13.75.Garnier sun milk


Self-tanner is a beloved solution for many to achieve a golden complexion without direct exposure to the sun or lamps. The Natural Bronzer Garnier line offers three products for a quick tan, enriched with 100% vegetable active ingredients and nourishing apricot oil. Milkmoisturizing and suitable for face and body, self tanning wipespractical and quick to apply, e spray to spray on the body. They promise rapid absorption, an ultra-light texture and a long-lasting natural tan. Here are the three new products:

  • Natural self-tanning sprayprice €9.99;Garnier Self Tanning Spray
  • Natural Bronzer Self Tanning Wipeprice €2.09.Garnier Self Tanning Towel


Ambre Solaire after-sun milk is formulated with natural aloe vera, recognized for its multiple properties. Helps to soothe and calm skin redness, hydrates and nourishes the skin. The creamy texture is ideal to spread over the face and body to refresh and hydrate the skin after exposure.

Garnier after-sun cream


Since 2006, the Garnier Ambre Solaire solar range has supported the Association of European Leagues Against Cancer (ECL). The association is committed to raising awareness of the dangers ofexcessive sun exposure and raise young people’s awareness of the importance of sunscreen. In the short term, excessive sun exposure can damage the skin and cause sunburn. In the long term, repeated sunburns and exposure to the sun without adequate protection can cause problems such as skin cancer. The only sunscreen brand to take care of ECL, Garnier wants to protect the skin from sun damage with innovative and easy-to-use products. At the same time, inform and form the generations younger to correct sun exposure.

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Garnier solar products
Sun care products Garnier Ambre Solaire – photo: @garnieruk


The Garnier Ambre Solaire range of sunscreens can be purchased in the best perfumeries, from authorized retailers and online on this page on the Amazon site and on this page on the Douglas perfumeries site.

Have you ever tried the Garnier solar proposals? Do you use self-tanners or do you prefer a natural tan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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