Sweet almond oil: all uses for face, body and hair

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Sweet almond oil is a 100% natural product with a thousand virtues. Here’s how to use it for the well-being of the face, body and hair.

L’sweet almond oil it’s a real elixir of beauty and well-being.
Already the ancient peoples of Persia, Assyria and Palestine cultivated almonds and pressed the fruits to obtain this precious liquid. From there, the almond was taken to East Asia and China, from where traders introduced it to Greece and then to Rome in 600 BC. Since Antiquity, sweet almond oil has been used as a beauty productfor soften skin and hair.
Rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, what makes sweet almond oil so special? What are the uses that can be made of it to take care of the beauty of the face, body and hair?

All uses of sweet almond oil

Here are the main uses you can make of sweet almond oil.

Moisturizing cream for face and body

If you have very dry and dehydrated skin, sweet almond oil will become your number one ally! Thanks to its richness in fatty acids, it is indeed ideal for hydrate and nourish the skin.
To take full advantage of this property, apply it to the slightly moistened skin of the face and body (the water serves to convey the active ingredients of the oil more deeply) and you will immediately notice an incredible softness.

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Anti-aging effect

Thanks to vitamin E, sweet almond oil is also a powerful antioxidant capable of repairing the damage caused by free radicals at the collagen level. If you have mature skin, marked by wrinkles, furrows and low complexion, apply the oil on the face to reduce the signs of aging and stimulate the formation of new collagen.
Ideal for the eye area, where classic crow’s feet form.

Instead of cocoa butter

Sweet almond oil has a powerful emollient and softening effect, useful not only for the body but also for the lips. Especially in winter when it is very cold, apply a few drops of oil instead of cocoa butter protects lips from dehydration and keep them incredibly soft and hydrated for a long time.

Against stretch marks

One of the reasons sweet almond oil is so popular with pregnant women is its power against stretch marks. In fact, it has an elasticizing action that not only helps to reduce stretch marks already present but also a prevent them: this is why it is recommended to use it every day on the stomach during pregnancy but also on sensitive areas such as the buttocks and thighs.
For maximum elasticizing effect, apply it with a circular massage: this will also help against cellulite.

As a make-up remover

According to the law that oil attracts other oils, you can also use sweet almond oil as a make-up remover: it will attract and it will capture excess sebum but also the traces of makeup and smog that remain on the skin after a day in the city.
Simply massage a few drops of product onto dry face, including lips and eyelids, then remove with a damp microfiber cloth or damp cotton ball. You’ll be amazed at how clean and glowing your skin stays!

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cleansing almond oil
Illuminating and toning for hair

The use of almond oil is indicated for dull, brittle and tired hair many treatments. To give back light, vitality and softness, apply a few drops of oil on all lengths and leave on for about 30 minutes before your usual shampoo. Hair will be shiny and soft after the first application.
Plus, it also protects the hair from the sun, so take it with you even to the sea!

What is the best sweet almond oil?

In short, sweet almond oil is a product completely natural and versatile: with a minimum investment, you will always have at your disposal an elixir of beauty with a thousand uses.
But how do you choose the right product? In the market, you will find many brands that manufacture sweet almond oil.
If you want to use it for different purposes, it is better to choose one 100% pure, while if you intend to use it for something specific, look for one suitable for that purpose. For example, there are those specific to massages or in a spray version to facilitate those who like to use it on the hair.
We selected 10 of the best sweet almond oils which you can find online.

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