The best natural foods for the well-being of your dog

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What you feed your dog affects his health in many ways. That’s why you should choose natural dog foods that are as healthy as possible.

Just like for us humans, even in the case of dogs nutrition plays a fundamental role in general health and also in life expectancy. A healthy, nutrient-dense diet that is as natural as possible is one of the best gifts you can give your dog to keep him strong, healthy and long-lived.
And fortunately, nutrition is an area in which we can intervene!

Do dogs eat everything?

One of the most common beliefs about dogs is that they can eat anything because they are omnivorous by nature. In reality, this is not the case. While it is true that they can eat practically anything, we always talk about tastings, which are used by the animal to adapt its digestive system to different foods.

Beyond the tastings, however, the dog’s diet should be balanced and balanced from a nutrient perspective.
The dog is descended from the wolf and, although centuries have passed since its domestication, the dog it remains a predominantly carnivorous animal animal proteins cannot therefore be lacking: the diet must consist of 50% protein and the remaining 50% carbohydrates and vegetables.
This is a first starting point: always check the composition of the food you buy for your dog because it must be balanced.

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Raw materials for dog food

Another fundamental aspect concerns the raw materials used.
Whether it is kibble or boxes (dry or wet food), the concept is always the same: more fresh meat or fish are present in the composition, the higher the quality of the food. Just like for the food we eat, even in the case of dogs the origin is important: if we specify where it comes from, both the country and the type of breeding, it’s even better!

In general, it is better to avoid foods that contain proteins from intensive agriculture. In some cases, it is even specified that it is organic raw materialstherefore excellent.
Also be careful to add dyes and preservativeswho should be absent or in any case reduced to a minimum.

The best natural dog food brands

Taking these factors as reference we have selected a few brands which are particularly attentive to the quality of raw materials and with the right balance of nutrients.

Almo Nature Holistic

The great strength of Almo Nature’s Holistic line is that it favors fresh meat and fish, which represent a high percentage of the composition. The croquettes in particular contain up to 26% fresh meat or fish, which makes them not only very digestible but also very appetizing because they are tastier.

Last update on May 10, 2022 10:13 am

Organic Schesir

The Schesir Bio range is made using meat from organically raised animals as the main ingredient and the only source of animal protein. In addition, they do not contain preservatives or colorings, for a natural and healthy diet. And you can be sure it’s a balanced meal because the formula has been nutritionally approved by the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences of the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna.

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Last update on May 10, 2022 10:13 am

Edgar Cooper

A lesser known brand, born recently but which has already become known for its resolutely top proposal! Edgar Cooper products are made with fresh meat and fish of excellent origin (to be clear, the salmon is from Norway), cooked at low temperatures to preserve their taste and nutritional principles. Very digestible, it is probably the brand that comes closest to homemade nutrition.

Last update on May 10, 2022 10:13 am

Country farms

Country Farms is a specific brand for dogs, all Italian. The most interesting aspect is the selection of ingredients, all natural, which all come from trusted farms that guarantee the high quality standards required by the brand. Foods are not supplemented with corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. The meat used is always fresh.

Last update on May 10, 2022 10:13 am

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