The most beautiful and original Oltre costumes for the summer!

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At Oltre, summer suits are getting cooler and more distinctive, with bold graphics and trendy details. Let’s discover together the top novelties of the new Oltre collection!

Beyond Summer Suits
Unlined striped blazer (cost €109) and striped dubai joggers (cost €89)
Beyond Summer Suits
Kimono with ethnic pattern (€119.00)
Beyond Summer Suits
Double-breasted denim blazer (€139) and wide flared jeans (€99)


This summer, more than ever, suits dominate the fashion season, available in versions colored by brands such as Motivi, in variations with hyper-feminine shapes or with embroidery Zara details, but not only. D’Oltre, summer suits oscillate between classic lines and unusual combinations, such as those in denim. But let’s see in detail the best clothes with which to create dream costumes according to Oltre!

Beyond Summer Suits
Blazer jacket (cost €129)
Striped suit
Unlined striped blazer (€109) and striped dubai joggers (€89)


The new Amber d’Oltre line punctuated by more sophisticated looks offers us one of the most beautiful spring summer jackets for suits, a double-breasted denim blazer Pair with slightly flared jeans in the same dark wash. Speaking of blazers for the summer, there is no shortage of classic black models to combine with work looks, in flowing jersey, single breasted with lined buttons and more. But among the pearls of the Oltre summer suit line, suit jackets with original designs like these stand out stripedThe models patterned satin in elegant dark tones and those in pastel shades that are the real fashion of the season. Discover equally sparkling models in the new Liu Jo collection!

Beyond Summer Suits
Double-breasted denim blazer (€139)
Beyond Tailor summer 2022
Unlined striped blazer (€109)
Oltre Pattern Jacket
Patterned satin blazer (€139)
Summer 2022 Beyond set
Blazer in technical fabric (cost €109)
Summer 2022 Beyond set
Double-breasted blazer jacket (€89)
Beyond the blazer
Cotton blend blazer (€119)
Summer 2022 Beyond set
Cotton blazer (price 119€)
Black Oltre Jacket
Fluid jersey blazer (€119); blazer jacket with lined buttons (€89)
Beyond Tailor summer 2022
Fluid unlined blazer (price 119€)


How to give a more original touch to the Oltre costumes for the summer? The selection of blouses and shirts for the summer of the brand is very varied and ranges from models satin classics with seduction V-neck to floral blouses which can really brighten up even the most traditional black suit. Do we have a penchant for a more preppy style? Space for striped shirtsbut strictly based pasteland for ceremonies and elegant daytime events there are blouses with micro-prints in more delicate tones, perfect for those who love a more romantic style. Also discover the equally colorful models from the Guess collection!

Oltre Summer Suit
Satin top (55 €)
Oltre floral blouse
Floral viscose blouse (€79)
Oltre Summer Suit
Polka dot blouse (cost €69)
Oltre striped shirt
Striped shirt (89 €)
Beyond Suit
Satin top (55 €)
Beyond Suit
Patterned satin blouse (price 69€)
Oltre Pink Blouse
Viscose blouse (€69)
Beyond Suit
Patterned satin shirt (€79)


To create chic summer suits, Oltre offers a rich selection of spring-summer pants in different shapes. For those who like a more modern style, there are the joggers with striped pattern and palazzo pants with vivid graphics that perfectly match the jackets. Essential black models, palazzo, with belt at the waist or a cigarette. And for those who like colorful suits, make way for pants in intense shades such as emerald green or blue, among the most chic spring summer fashion colors! Looking for similar creations? Also discover the new Twin Set collection!

On summer suit
Striped dubai joggers (cost €89)
Oltre pants black
Palazzo pants with belt (79 €)
On summer suit
Patterned satin palazzo pants (€89); patterned satin joggers (€89)
Beyond the palazzo pants
Palazzo pants (price 69€)
Suit Beyond Summer 2022
Palazzo pants (€89)
Suit Beyond Summer 2022
Cigarette pants (€79); osaka short pants (79 €)
Suit Beyond Summer 2022
Cigarette pants (cost €79)
Black dress pants
Technical fabric skinny pants (€69)


The Oltre summer suits that we have presented to you are on sale online on the official website and in the brand’s stores.

What do you think of the Oltre costume selection? Which do you prefer? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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