The most beautiful looks with the Twin Set summer colorful flower prints

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The new Twin Set campaign for the summer is called “Kissed by the sun” and looks like a journey through colors. Let’s discover together all the novelties of the Twin Set collection!

Floral chiffon short blouse (cost €151) and floral chiffon shorts (cost €141)


In perfect harmony with the fashion colors of spring summer 2022, the Twin Set “Kissed by the sun” collection presents lively and joyful looks. Romantic corollas in intense hues inspired by flower gardens stand out on the key pieces of the collection, but the lace embroidery, silky fabrics and clean lines. Let’s discover in detail the news of the Twin Set!

Twin Set floral prints
Long dress with multicolored flower embroidery (€312)
Twin Set floral prints
Twin Set Kissed by the Sun


As we anticipated, the heart of the Twin Set “Kissed by the sun” line is the floral graphics and embroidery, which flow along the most beautiful spring-summer dresses. Are you looking for short dresses for the summer that will not go unnoticed? We can choose between chiffon blouse cotton with ruffles at the bottom multicolored texture all-over and mini dress wallet featuring a high waisted cut with a colorful print on a black base, perfect for slimming a curvaceous body. If, on the other hand, we want to favor long summer dresses, there are models with sweetheart neckline and thin straps with the same prints, and for those who don’t like chromatic excesses, space for white eyelet dresses with floral embroidery only on the neckline, perfect with the white flip-flops from the Twin Set shoe line!

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Twin Set floral prints
Floral chiffon shirt dress (cost €286)
Twin Set White Dress
Long dress with multicolored flower embroidery (€312)
Floral Print Twin Set
Short dress with multicolored flower embroidery (€310)
Floral dress
Long floral chiffon dress (price €312)
Floral Print Twin Set
Floral Chiffon Wrap Dress (€307)


In accordance with the trendy crop top which is depopulated in many collections such as that of Guess clothing, also Twin Set in the “Kissed by the sun” line inserts short blouses always in muslin with bow on the front, V-neck deep and integral floral texture. For those who prefer a more classic style, there are models with Mandarin Collar And balloon sleeves large, perfect to combine even with work looks. Floral embroideries also punctuate the line’s t-shirts, with a black or white base, which combine the delicacy of English embroidery with vintage-inspired preppy shapes. Speaking of spring-summer jackets, here is the overshirt with a floral embroidered yoke, a real gem. And if you like these colors, also discover the Luisa Spagnoli collection!

Twin Set floral prints
Short floral chiffon blouse (€151)
Floral blouse
Floral chiffon blouse (cost €187)
Twin Set embroidered T-shirt
T-shirt with multicolored flower embroidery (€125)
Top with inlays
T-shirt with macrame inlays and pompoms (€115)
Floral Print Twin Set
Top with multicolored flower embroidery (price €208)
Twin Set floral shirt
Bull jacket with multicolored flowers (245 €)


For bottoms, the Twin Set “Kissed by the sun” line offers different solutions, starting with short shorts that use the same patterns as the tops. The black cotton bull versions with floral embroidery at the bottom are very chic, while the spring-summer skirts have a long, pleated gypsy shape. In order for spring-summer trousers to combine with such colorful sweaters, a solid color is preferred, for models a cigarette blacks and cropped shapes also in intense yellow tones that will definitely bring out your tan. Discover the equally colorful novelties of the Max Mara collection.

Floral Print Twin Set
Floral chiffon shorts (€141)
Black Twin Set Shorts
Bull shorts with multicolored flowers (cost 185 €)
Floral skirt
Long floral chiffon skirt (€229)
Twin Set pants black
Poplin cigarette pants (€125)
Twin Set floral prints
Poplin cropped trousers (price €151)


Finally, to complete the super colorful looks of the “Kissed by the sun” Twin Set, make way for accessories that do not go unnoticed. Headbands with maxi ribbons in the shape of red grosgrain flowers, oversized earrings with colored glass beads, necklaces with multicolored drops and rhinestones, you really are spoiled for choice! In the range of Twin Set bags there is room for shoulder bags for the summer with refined crochet embroidery, but also a straw shopping bag with colorful pom poms and pom poms to match the dresses. The Twin Set shoe collection is enriched with very stylish leather sandals 70s, wedge espadrilles And lace-up ballet flats with the same floral embroidery as the line’s garments. Absolutely irresistible!

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Twin Set floral prints
Headband with silk flower (99€)
Earrings with pearls
Earrings with glass beads (113 €)
Floral Print Twin Set
Necklace with multicolored pendants (cost €68)
Crochet shoulder strap
Crochet shoulder bag (€148)
Shopper Twin Set
Pompom tote (€178)
Twin Set floral prints
Leather wedge sandals (price 295€)
Twin Set Cleats
Wedge sandals with wedge and embroidery (€180)
Flowery ballerinas
Ballerina with corner and embroidery (150 €)


Items from the Twin Set “Baciata dal sole” line are on sale online on the official website and in the brand’s boutiques.

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