The Ordinary hair products: new Hair Care line

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The new line of hair products The Ordinary focuses attention on the scalp, to ensure the health of all hair. Here is the review of all the hair news and tips for using them to the fullest!


After the success of skincare and certain make-up products, The Ordinary is expanding its cosmetics range with three references for the hair. Products that, as always, follow theminimal and scientific approach dear to the brand: simple solutions with few effective ingredients, to accompany us in the daily beauty routine. To take care of the hair, the brand uses ingredients used mainly in skin care. The regular hair care routine includes 3 products: a skin and body cleanser to use as shampooa balm it’s a moisturizing serum for the scalp inspired by the brand’s iconic moisturizer.

Ordinary hair products

Ordinary hair products


The Ordinary hair line was created to take care of the scalp and protect its skin barrier, keeping hair healthy and therefore beautiful and shiny. Following the brand ethos that has made The Ordinary the most popular skincare brand in the world, few ingredients are rewarded, only those that hair and skin really need. The textures are very light. The new formulations are fragrance-free and also include sensory and biodegradable sulfates defined SLES-2. It’s all about the ingredients to do the housework which in recent years have been the subject of controversy in the beauty world. The Ordinary has carefully studied these surfactants and claims to have found the right way to use them: only in low percentages, to act strongly against impurities but gently on the skin. Thus, in line with one of the 2022 skincare trends, the trend cleanical skin carewhich reintroduces clean chemistry into natural products.

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The moisturizing serum for ordinary skin The regular conditioner

Hair care The ordinary line


The Ordinary Hair Care line of hair products includes 3 references: shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing serum for the scalp. To complement, or as needed, there is a fourth product, the fortifying serum: a best-selling brand that helps to make hair thicker and thicker.


The first step in The Ordinary hair line’s hair care routine is a gentle cleanser for the skin and body. It promises to be effective and non-aggressive even on colored hair and treated. Fragrance-free and with vitamin E, the formula also contains SLES-2, a 4% fully biodegradable and delicate sulfate, which works by eliminating impurities, respecting the integrity of the skin and improving the hydration of the skin after use. Perfect for everyday use, you use it like a shampoo: apply to wet hair, massage the skin with your fingertips then clean the lengths. At the end, it is well rinsed, eliminating any residual product or foam.

The Ordinary hair and body wash

Ordinary shampoo

Ordinary hair products


The second step to beautiful hair is conditioner. Regular conditioner looks like a very light white emulsion. The formulation is simple, with only 7 ingredients for does not weigh your hair down. The key active is behentrimonium chloride, an ingredient often used in hair conditioners, which promises to make hair soft and easy to detangle, but above all to leave it feeling light. How is it used? The brand recommends applying it to wet hair, keeping it in place 3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

The ordinary hair conditioner

The ordinary hair care range

The ordinary hair conditioner


The third step in The Ordinary hair care routine is the serum inspired by one of The Ordinary’s signature products: Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA moisturizer. Let’s talk about a serum designed to hydrate the scalp and therefore improve hair health. It’s a lightweight product, formulated to protect the skin barrier, with the promise of not sticking the hair or weighing down the roots. The key ingredients are the same moisturizing active ingredients as the face cream: hyaluronic acid and squalane. How is it used? You have to apply a little product on dry, clean skin with the practical dropper, then massage well. It does not rinse off. It can be used every day, preferably in the evening when the skin is more receptive.

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Ordinary serum moisturizes the scalp

Ordinary hair products

The Ordinary Scalp Moisturizing Serum


I have long, fine hair, which has become fine with time, colors and the use of straighteners. Finding suitable products that do not weigh them down is always tiring. Most of the time I feel heavy hair the day after washing. With dry shampoo I only make the situation worse: so come on, another round, another shampoo! With new The Ordinary hair products, I may have found mine perfect match.

The shampoo is very light, but deeply cleanses both the scalp and the hair, removing all product residues present on the hair. It makes quite a full-bodied lather and a knob is enough for a deep wash. Also excellent used alone, it gives the best combined with The Ordinary conditioner of the same line. A conditioner moisturizing hold the pose only 1 minute, with a rich, full-bodied texture that leaves hair soft and shiny. By using both products together, I can keep the style for an extra day, before the next wash. My hair is lighter and shinier for longer than when I use other hair products. A’winning combinationespecially for those with me thin hair!

The Ordinary Shampoo and Conditioner


I’m not a big fan of leave-in products that I apply daily to the scalp. Having thin hair, he tends to weigh it down quickly, leaving it dull. Ordinary serum, on the whole, turns out quite light: formulated to restore its natural hydration to the scalp, it helps to solve the problems of dry dandruff. I tried it at a time when I often felt a bothersome itching to the head, because of the use of products that are a little aggressive and which do not suit me. In my experience and for my hair type, it tends to weigh it down slightly, which makes me wash it more often. But it definitely gives a pleasant feeling of freshness, totally eliminating itching. An excellent ally to use when needed, to solve this type of problem!

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Ordinary skin serum


The packaging of The Ordinary hair products is strictly eco-sustainable. The line is the brand’s first to be created with post-consumer recycled materials. The bottles are made with 70% post-consumer recycled material and 30% bioplastics, the caps with 95% recycled material and 5% virgin plastic. Bioplastics derive from plastics created with sustainable energy sources.

The ordinary hairline

The ordinary hairline


Regular hair products can be found on this page on the Lookfantastic site or on this page on the Douglas site. In addition to the three novelties of The Ordinary hair line, we remind you that among the bestsellers there is also a serum designed to strengthen hair.

All products can instead be purchased from The Ordinary website in these pages, which delivers to Italy with free shipping above 25 euros.

Have you ever tried The Ordinary products? Are you planning to try the hairline? Tell us your experiences and opinions in the comments!

Here’s everything you need to know about the Canadian brand:

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