The Power of Hue Collection

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The OPI Summer 2022 The Power of Hue nail polish collection celebrates the power of color combined with free self-expression.


The power to color is the cry of the new OPI Summer 2022 nail polish collection, characterized by shade references very lively and bold. The Power of Hue is the limited edition composed of perfect shades to enhance all personalities and all warm season looks. The Power of Hue collection includes exclusive colors available in the three versions Nail Laquer, Gel Color and Infinite Shine. Let’s discover the new OPI Summer 2022 nail polish colors!

OPI Nail Polish Summer 2022
OPI Summer 2022 Enamel Nail Polish The Power of Hue Collection – photo: @opi


The new OPI Summer 2022 nail polish collection features exclusive shimmering colors with a shimmering finish, full of sparkles that give different dimensions to shades and nails. The shades selected immediately transport you to the summer mood, refreshing us with the iridescent shades of the sea and bringing us a little warmth with colors inspired by the sand, the sun and the sky. But not only: there are also vibrant colours, intense pinks and multi-reflective lilacs. A whole rainbow of colors! Let’s take a closer look at the 12 colors enamels from the Los Angeles brand’s The Power of Hue collection:

  • Exercise your shinieselectric hot pink with blue and white sparkles;
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OPI pink nail polish

OPI nail polish

  • shameless beelemon yellow with glitter ton on ton and white;

OPI Nail Polish Summer 2022

OPI yellow enamel

  • Do not wait. Create.lilac tint with silver glitter;

OPI Longwear Nail Polish

OPI lilac nail polish

  • Feel Bluetifulturquoise blue with teal sparkles;

OPI enamels summer 2022

OPI varnish manicure

  • Go to Grape Lengthspurple with blue and silver glitter, en pendant with pantone color 2022;

OPI nail polish

OPI purple nail polish

  • make rainbowslime green with blue and silver glitter;

OPI nail polish

OPI varnish manicure

  • mango for thatpumpkin color with orange and golden highlights;

OPI orange nail polish

OPI Enamel Colors
Mago Manicure For It nail polish OPI nail polish – photo: @opi
  • BIG pinkmedium pink with bluish and silver highlights;

OPI nail polish

OPI Nail Lacquer Manicure Nail Polish

  • Heaven true to yourselflight blue with silver glitter;

OPI Summer Nail Polish

Glitter OPI Nail Polish

  • Crush the sugardusty pink with purple and pale pink sparkles;

OPI Hot Pink Nail Polish

OPI enamels

  • Sunrisecoral pink with gold glitter;

OPI nail polish

OPI Summer Nail Polish

  • The future is youwarm orange nude with gold glitter.

OPI nude nail polish

OPI nude nail polish manicure


The celebration of color in the OPI The Power of Hue nail polish collection is closely linked to the noble intentions of the Trevor Project association. The global organization supports young members of the LGBTQIA+ community by creating a safe space in which to find psychological support 24 hours a day. The objective of OPI is to support and implement the project, amplify the voice of the community. The new enamel collection represents the link between the brand and the organization, with enamels from rainbow tint designed to allow everyone to express their personality.

OPI nail polish summer 2022
OPI Summer 2022 Power of Hue Infinite Shine nail polishes – photo: @opi


The brand recommends applying OPI nail polishes after taking care of your hands, possibly following the tips for doing a DIY manicure at home and how to remove nail cuticles! After properly prepping your nails, apply a coat of Infinite Shine Primer. Once dry, shake off the nail polish and apply two passes on both hands. Complete the manicure with the Infinite Shine Gloss top coat, formulated to give extreme shine with a mirror effect and extend the duration of glazes.

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OPI Summer 2022 Manicure Nail Polish
Infinite Shine manicure OPI nail polish The Power of Hue Collection – photo: @opi


The OPI Summer 2022 The Power of Hue nail polish collection has just been presented and is not yet available in Italy. We hope to be able to buy it soon in OPI nail salons and retailers and on this page of the Douglas perfumeries website at a price of around 15 euros.

Do you like the new OPI nail polishes? Which colors represent you the most? We look forward to reading your opinions in the comments!

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