Tie-dye T-shirt: the men’s trend of 2022

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We tell you the story of this multicolored trend, with helpful tips for wearing tie-dye tees in the perfect hippie style.

In summer more than ever, the streets and shops are full of tie dye t-shirta piece of fashion history he carries with him color, originality and cheerfulness.
Characteristic of the 60s and 70s hippie trendthis type of clothing has been renewed and adapted to our times to perfection.
Here is his story and how to match tie-dye t-shirts in line with the men’s trend of 2022.

What is tie-dye?

“Tie-dye dye” literally means “Dyed with knots”. He is an individual technique used to dye fabrics which is obtained, in fact, by tying a garment at specific points.
The result of this dyeing method is a fantasy of gradient and mixed colors.

Cotton t-shirts are undoubtedly the clothes that lend themselves best to experimenting with colors to achieve this. abstract and multicolored effect.
In particular, tie-dye t-shirts are characterized by:

  • Patterns with spiral or circular shapes.
  • Very pop pastel colors and bright colors.
  • Dark colors with the contrast of white.
  • Peaceful symbols such as the Yin Yang or the rainbow.

How was the tie-dye style born?

The history of tie-dye clothing dates back to 60s-70s and is connected to hippie movement. Self-painted clothes were a way for young hippie rebels to show off their own freedom, creativity and individualism.
In fact, tie-dye is a rebellious and alternative fantasy, perfect for reviving everyday looks. Back in fashion in 2022, unlike the monochrome style, it is perfect to brighten up your summer!

How to match tie-dye t-shirts

Tie-dye is a flamboyant and original style that does not go unnoticed. To create a remarkable outfit, which is not excessive however, it is necessary properly calibrate the combinations.

day look

For a fresh and summery outfit, choose tie-dye t-shirts in pastel or neon colors. Pair them with other monochromatic clothing or accessories, which pick up some shades of fantasy.
You can complete your look with comfortable jeans or solid color shorts. Finally, wear a pair of canvas sneakers, espadrilles or flip flops.

evening look

For the evening we advise you to opt for tie and dye t-shirts with a maximum of two shades, preferably with a dark background, to be associated with white or black pants.
At your feet, add a pair of sneakers or skate shoes, or sneakers of different colors.

Men’s tie-dye t-shirts: trendy models and patterns

The t-shirts in our selection not only offer particular colors and patterns, but a mixture of colors on a higher and more refined level.
Made in 100% Cottonevery tie-dye t-shirt is machine washable without risking damaging it. Moreover, being hand dyedeach differs from the other, thus resulting unique and irreplaceable.
Multi-colored or two-coloredround neckline, our models have a classic fit and are suitable for all seasons.

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