Video surveillance at home: what you need to know to ensure the safety of your spaces and your loved ones

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The need to feel safe at home continues to grow. We all feel, more and more, the need to keep our home under control, especially when we are away.

This need is even more pressing for those who have elderly parents, sick relatives or pets who are alone most of the day.

You know, there are never too many precautions and a great way to get rid of these worries is to rely on a system of video surveillance.

CCTV system: how to choose the right one

High performance requires state-of-the-art systems, such as the one signed by Verisure – the leading company in Europe and Italy in home and shop security – with Full HD smart cameras voted “Product of the Year 2022” *. The quality of these cameras allows a good view inside and outside the house. Equipped with a HQ microphone, wifi, siren and clear night vision, they are complete with an LED reflector for excellent color definition, even at night, up to 8 meters away. In addition, artificial intelligence allows us to clearly recognize people, animals, vehicles and to alarm only the areas we want: when the cameras detect suspicious movement, they will send a push notification to our smartphone, so that we can be monitored in real time. the situation.

The motion sensor then makes the detection of every small movement in the monitored area even more precise. Every movie, every audio, every image will be securely stored on the device’s unlimited private cloud for 30 days – included with Verisure at no additional cost.

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If necessary, the Verisure Italia Operations Center will be immediately ready to intervene, thanks to the Verisure High Security alarm system to which the cameras are always connected, 24 hours a day. This is the great added value of the Verisure Security security system. : In the event of theft, burglary, medical emergencies, fires or other dangers, the Verisure Operations Center responds in just 60 seconds and intervenes immediately. Alert law enforcement, ambulance or other emergency services and dispatch territorial security officers to the scene. In addition, in the event of theft, while waiting for help to arrive on site, the Operations Center activates the ZeroVision smoke bomb directly in the building to block the criminals in less than 45 seconds.

WiFi video surveillance: the possibility of controlling your home, always, even remotely

It is useless to deny it, today we live eternally connected. And that obviously allows us to keep in touch with everyone, even with our house. Thanks to the Verisure wifi surveillance system, in fact, the videos of the cameras can be viewed, in real time, directly from the smartphone.

And that’s not all because even communications with people close to us will be able to take place, so to speak, at full distance: thanks to the integrated microphone and HD speaker, in fact, we will have the possibility of interacting with those who come to our door when we are not at home, be it a guest or a courier. The camera, revealing the movement of the person, will send a push notification to our mobile phone that will allow us to immediately see who it is and get in touch with the person present.

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Privacy and security: a perfect combination

Privacy is essential for those relying on a CCTV system. Verisure video cameras respect the protection of the right to privacy and the recordings remain completely private and exclusively available to the customer who can view them via the anti-theft and camera applications. As required by the legislation of the Private Security Institutes, the Operations Center will only have access to the videos in the event of an alarm to verify whether it is a serious danger or a false alarm and to intervene in a timely manner.

If you intend to protect your home by installing a Verisure video surveillance system, calculate a free estimate at

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