What to bring to the sea: here are all the essentials for the beach

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Leave with peace of mind thanks to our mini-guide on practical and functional accessories to take to the beach: towel, cooler bag and other useful items for a well-organized holiday.

The holidays are fast approaching and it is better not to be reduced at the last moment to drawing up a list of everything you need to leave calm and organized.
In our article we make an overview of all essential accessories with the right features to give you a holiday dedicated to sea, beach and relaxation.

What to bring to the sea: never without …

Prepare your suitcase for the holidays it’s a time that’s as exciting as it is stressful.
Close your eyes for a moment. You feel like you’re already there on the beach and smelling the smell of the sea…
But as soon as you open your eyes you realize that you still have to decide what to take on vacation, at the risk of forgetting important things.
It’s also good not to make the reverse mistake either. It makes no sense to load the trunk of your car with unnecessary and bulky things. Parasols, deckchairs or other things that can be rented directly on site.
Here is a short but comprehensive list of what to bring to the sea to avoid having to deal with annoying and boring contingencies!

Accessories for your beach vacation

In addition to your trusty beauty bag with your personal belongings and your favorite summer dresses, for day and evening, there are others useful things to take to sea.

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Beach bag

With a minimum expenditure ranging from 10 to 20 euros maximum, it is possible to acquire this essential object to take to the sea.
The beach bag is indeed essential to take away beach towels and everything you need to go to the beach. Thanks to the zipped interior pockets and the mini-pouch sometimes included, it is also useful for storing documents, telephone, money or other personal effects.
Usually made of polyester or fabric, it is available in various patterns or solid colors and for each model it is possible to choose from a wide range of colors.
About 40 cm high for a width of 50 cm and a thickness of 18 cm on average, it has the interior fully lined in waterproof fabricso there’s no need to worry about it spoiling with drinks or suntan oil.

Beach towel

One really essential thing to take to the sea is a beach towel. An essential accessory for sunbathing on the deckchair, for covering up and drying off after a good refreshing bath. Its average dimensions are about 90 × 170 cm and it is usually made in 100% cotton or microfiber.
Lightweight and space-saving, the beach towel takes up little space in your bag and dries quickly. Thanks to its lightness, it can also be used as a sarong. Some models, even more practical and innovative, have 4 elastic bands sewn at the corners which they tie the sheet to the bed and practical pockets for objects on the sides.
Depending on personal taste, there are minimalist models with simple prints or patterns, or beach towels with a more elegant and refined look with decorations and fringes at the ends. Whatever the pattern chosen, all models ensure resistance and durability over time and are machine washable at 30°C.

Slippers for men and women

In flip-flop style or with a band that wraps around the foot, the flip flops they are essential to reach the beach. Usually they are made of rubber with a non-slip sole, so as to be lightweight, easy to carry and water and sun resistant. Ideal for all occasions, they are just as comfortable at home, in the garden, at the swimming pool or in the shower, and the less sporty models can also be used in the evening, for a walk by the sea.
Available in different colors and sizes, they are very comfortable thanks to the slightly raised sole at the back, for an optimal posture and gait. If you are looking for comfort and durability, we recommend that you consider models ranging from around 7 to 15 euros, which ensure excellent value for money.

Solar cream

No need to remind you how essential sunscreen is before going out in the sun (in this article, we explain how to choose the perfect sunscreen for your skin type).
Both in spray milkthis spreadable liquidour proposals give you one optimal protection against UVA / UVB rays for a luminous and lasting tan. Some products have innovative patented compositions, with the addition of antioxidant polyphenols with anti-ageing action; others are water resistant and provide excellent hydration for the face and body.
Whatever the protection factor, the formulations we have selected are all light and alcohol-free, do not stick and leave no traces. Also, for trips abroad, we recommend the smallest format, enclosed in a practical 50ml tube.

power bank

Compact, pocket-sized and easy to carry. The power bank is your phone’s inseparable companion, especially on vacation, when you take more photos and generally spend more time away from home.
They are usually made of ABS and with a minimum weight of around 200 gr, external batteries often have 2 or 3 USB inputs and a charging cable of about 15-20 cm. Their high quality battery guarantees protection for your device and fast charging, as well as a capacity between 15000 and 25000 mAh depending on the model.
All this power is contained in a small and compact object. Some models are so thin that they can be compared to credit cards which are only 7 mm thick.
The features don’t stop there. The comfortable digital led display notifies you of every notification and the status of the device – for example, when it is charged and ready to use. Ideal for on-the-go use or a day at the beach, it charges your phone like a regular charger, connects easily and is 100% compatible with Android. For other cell phone models, an integrated cable with adapters for iPhone and USB-C is included.

Hat or Bandana

To avoid unpleasant sunburn or to add a touch of personality to your beach look, hat or bandana are essential for your beach vacation. All of our hat designs feature a soft texture, medium curvature visor and the ability to be adjusted to fit the circumference of the wearer’s head.
Whether classic or sporty, they are in cotton and have a padded inner band for a better grip and greater ease of use.
Some models even offer built-in UV protection, thanks to the innovative 50 UPF Sun Protection technology.
On the aesthetic side, they are generally all finished with high quality stitching and display discreet logos embroidered on the front.

A cooler

Are you also going to enjoy a snack, afternoon tea or picnic on the beach? The insulated bag is essential for keep food and drink cool.
Some sets are really practical and functional. In fact, they also contain the lunch box and the bottle holder and are spacious enough to include other accessories, such as cutlery, glasses and napkins.
Each model in our selection consists of safe fabrics (polyester exterior and polyethylene foam for interior insulation). It can be ordered in different colors depending on availability.
The cooler bags or backpacks we offer have one capacity about 20 liters and a weight that never exceeds 300 gr. They are easy to carry but roomy enough to hold everything you need. In addition, some models have a large central opening that facilitates filling and access to food. There’s also a zippered front pocket for essentials and padded, adjustable shoulder straps.

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