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Having tidy hair immediately makes us feel more beautiful, happy and comfortable, especially when we flaunt a perfect style with waves, curls or curls, light or more defined!

To do this, it is essential to use a good curling iron. But which curling iron to choose? Which is good for us? First, you need to know the different types of irons, but also what type of hair we have and what results we want to achieve. We’ll help you make the right choice, not only showing you the ranking of the best curling irons on the market, but also show you which are the most important aspects to consider when choosing a curling iron.

Curling iron which one to choose


Curling iron: which one to choose? Let’s find out what the main types of hair irons are! Choosing one or the other will depend on the type of curls, waves or curls you want to create, but also on the length of your hair. This is the first step to understanding the type of iron you need. Only then can we begin to orient ourselves among the many proposals on the market, choosing the most suitable.

  • Spiral curling iron: perfect for creating very neat curls, it is ideal for medium-length hair. The spiral acts as a guide, making it easy to use even for the less experienced.

Types of curling iron

  • Ball or ball curling iron: Ideal for creating naturally soft curls, curls and waves. The distance between the balls is always the same along the entire length of the iron, so use is easier and more immediate. Also ideal for finer and finer hair.

Ball curling iron

  • Three or triple curling iron: it is equipped with three tubes (there is also the version with five) along which to wrap the hair to obtain a very fluffy and wavy look charmbut also the beloved beach waves. For long hair.
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Triple curling iron

  • Cylindrical curling iron: among the most popular on the market, it is equipped with a comfortable and wide clip closure that helps even the less experienced to fix the locks. It is used to create different hairstyles ranging from wavy to curly, depending on the diameter of the cylinder.

Curling iron

  • Conical curling iron: allows you to create soft curls and curls that are wider in the upper part and tighter in the lower part. Available in different diameters, it is also perfect for short hair.

Types of curling iron

  • Automatic curling iron: very easy to use thanks to the automatic mechanism that sucks in the lock of hair, rolls it up and finally releases it, impeccably wavy. Perfect for medium to long hair, it is suitable for those who want to create medium-sized curls and waves.

Automatic curling iron


We dream of gentle Rita Hayworth waves, beach waves like Chiara Ferragni or are we crazy about very tight and defined afro curls? According to the hairstyles we prefer, we have to choose the good diameter for our curling iron.

  • Large Diameter Cylindrical Curling Iron: means with a diameter greater than 30 mm. Ideal on long hair, it allows you to create wide and voluminous curls and waves.

Large diameter curling iron

  • Small Diameter Barrel Curling Iron: the ideal diameter is 13-15 mm. It is used to create afro style curls and very tight and dense curls. It is also perfect for those with short hair.

Narrow curling iron


Today, the variety of curling irons available on the market is truly immense. Brands that produce styling tools and curling irons with good value for money they are very numerous. Then there is no shortage of curling irons professionalto obtain the same result at home as a salon session!

To help you in your choice, we have selected the best curling irons taking into account the test experiences carried out by our editorial team but also the Comments read on Amazon and online. Reviews from ordinary people who have actually tested the products and expressed their opinions are fundamental in understanding and deciding which are the best curling irons to buy. Curling irons the most appreciated by us and by consumers according to reviews are:

Over time we will hold update this list to also consider the new curling irons that come out on the market.

To help you choose the right curling iron, we show you below main characteristics that the product must have and which you must take into account. If the fear is ruining your hair or damaging it, don’t worry, we have plenty of tips in store for you.

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What are the most important features we should consider when choosing curling iron? Let’s get to know them together, so as not to be mistaken when buying!


The first thing to do, if possible, is test the handle some hair curling irons that interest us. A slippery handle, wrong size or hard to hold is a hindrance to creating the perfect curl. The handle should be ergonomic and in non-slip materials, so as not to risk burning ourselves when handling our iron.

curling iron handle


Just like with straighteners, materials are also an essential aspect for curling irons. The best are the ones with the plates ceramic, because they maintain a uniform and not excessive heat, without attacking the hair. Equally good are ceramic curling irons with ceramic coatings. tourmaline or titaniumthat minimize frizz thanks to the negative ions. Still on the market, but overtaken by better models and materials, are Teflon coated curling irons. In the long run, the Teflon coating could be damaged and less effective, causing both the underlying iron and our hair to overheat!

Curling iron nameplate


A very important aspect in choosing the perfect curling iron is the control Temperature. On sale there are many irons, usually at rather low prices, which do not have this function and heat the hair to a fixed temperature. The consequence, especially for those with thinner hair, or stress intense coloring and styling is to see your hair damaged by excessive heat.

For this reason, it is good, when choosing which curling iron to buy, to invest in the purchase of a product of adjustable temperature. A good iron should be adjustable between 100 yes 230 degrees depending on the type of hair and keep the tip always cool, so that you can touch it safely.

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The thermal regulation it is also an excellent ally if you want to make gods small adjustments on the fly. To finish a few strands, it is not necessary to heat the iron to the maximum power, it is enough to keep it at the minimum heat simply to give one refreshed look.

Curling iron temperature


Here are the 5 beauty tips by real experts to create perfect and safe curls!

1. Use a volumizing product: on still damp hair we apply a volumizing product to give body and definition to our hair and make the hairstyle last. This step is especially helpful for those with fine or poorly shaped hair.

Volumizing mousse

2. Dry the hair perfectly: before styling, it is essential that the hair is completely dry. The intense heat of the plates could damage them irreparably if they were wet!

Curling iron

3. Apply thermal protection: before using the iron, apply a heat-protecting product in cream, oil or spray to the hair. These products form a “patina” on the hair that protects it from heat, leaving it soft and silky.

Curling Iron Heat Protection Spray

4. Put on the gloves: this way there will be no risk of getting burned! Several irons already contain the gloves in the package, but there are plenty of them online at absolutely affordable prices.

Protective gloves for curling iron

5. Choose the temperature: those with particularly fragile or damaged hair should use irons at the lowest temperatures, not exceeding 160º. Normal hair can withstand temperatures of 170-180 degrees up to a maximum of 200º. If the hair to be treated is naturally full-bodied and resistant, it can be styled at high temperatures, up to 230º.

Curling iron temperature

We hope these tips will help you choose the perfect curling iron. Do you have any tips for perfect curls that you want to share with us? Tell us about your experiences, your opinions and the products you are satisfied with!

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