Why is drawing important for the brain?

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This is not an activity for children: drawing is good for the mind and makes us happier. In this article, we’ll tell you why you should draw and recommend a few color cases to get you started on the right foot.

April 27 is the world drawing day: it has been celebrated since 1962, when it was created by the Association of Professional Graphic Designers in London.
The drawing was one of the first forms of non-verbal communication: think of cave paintings, used long before writing. It’s a’creative and relaxing activitywhich besides being fun can improve our lives.

The benefits of drawing

You may be more or less inclined towards visual arts, but experimenting with benefits of freehand drawing you don’t have to be an artist. Even the simple scribbles you make during a phone call keep your mind engaged.

There are significant studies showing the positive effects that the act of drawing exercises on mind and body (including one from Drexel University in Philadelphia).
To design:

  • form thecreative intelligence and stimulates theimagination (skills that have positive implications also at work as creativity helps to find new solutions to problems)
  • conveys the expression of its own emotionality and his own inner experience
  • loosen it stress: promotes the release of tensions and distracts from worries
  • stimulates the cognitive abilities and the concentration
  • improves the psychomotor coordination and thespatial order
  • help him a deeper contact with oneself (it is useful for those who suffer from depression)
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The importance of drawing in childhood

Stimulating children’s creative abilities is important expose them to as many stimuli as possible different. Unlike many types of entertainment, including video games, which the child undergoes passively (as is the case in video games), drawing is an activity that requires active participation of mind and body.

Drawing helps the child to express himself when he is not yet able to verbalize his moods. It is important observe his drawings without judging thembut rather ask the child to show us what he has drawn, to help him also in his linguistic development.
The role of attraction should not be underestimated developmental psychology: many specialists analyze the drawings of the little ones (poorly filtered and therefore more authentic form of expression) to obtain important information.

…and as an adult

If drawing is important for children, it is no less so for adults. Freehand drawing can be a real therapy to relieve the mind of stress and free it from negativity.
A little time should be devoted to drawing every day, until it becomes a habit.

You do not know where to start ? Try a crate of colors!

Did you want to draw? You can start by buying one color case. These are sets of colors or pencils, which are often very affordable compared to buying a regular paint box. In addition to the variety of tools included, the carrying cases are comfortable and practical because they can be transported easily.
We bring you some of the best color cases to unleash your creativity:

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Choose your color case:

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